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Oishi Snacks

My hometown Sta. Maria Bulacan, Bulacan is known for delicious and crunchy chicharon, an authentic Filipino snack. Balikbayan relatives always request packs of chicharon just before they arrive and make sure it’s included in our family get-together.

It’s been six months now since I had my favorite chicharon bought in Poblacion.  I don’t miss them that much because I can just go to the nearest convenient store and supermarket. One evening, I was surprised to see two cute, folded Habi bags in front of my house.

Oishi Marty’s Vegetarian Chicharon

They came from Oishi, a company driven by creativity and innovation. Oishi made it more delicious by giving us two alternatives to the traditional chicharon.

Inside the green bag are packs of Marty’s Vegetarian Chicharon. Believe it or not, it’s un-pork chicharon! Its original and truly vegetarian chicharon yet it has all the goodness of the snack without the cholesterol.

Oishi Marty’s Vegetarian ChicharonOishi Marty’s Vegetarian Chicharon

Marty’s is made with green peas and is available in three flavors, Salt & Vinegar, Plain Salted, and Spicy Vinegar.

On the red habi bag are packs of Baked Porky Popps. There’s the meaty goodness of lean pork skin with a crunch made less guilty by being baked just like popcorn, these are not fried!

Oishi Baked Porky Pops

With 1/3 less fat and calories than regular chicharon. Savor the two flavors, Classic Vinegar and Hot and Spicy.

Oishi Baked Porky Pops

Between the two, my favorite is the Marty’s Cracklin Plain Salted. Just like other flavors including the baked porky popps, Marty’s Plain Salted is not salty and goes well with soda or any beverages even with an ice-cold water.

For more information, you may visit www.oishi.com.ph and on their Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/oishi.ph or follow on Twitter, @oishi_tweets


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