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Strategies of teaching and Learning” and “Community Health” are college subjects that prepared us to become effective health educators. The knowledge and skills I learned were also my foundation when I shifted career from staff nurse to online reviewer/coach. I knew it would be a difficult job because my students are also professionals like me. But with the help of the internet, it never become a problem.

Aside from text books, seminars and continuing education, educators can benefit from a lot of information and learning strategies available over the internet. I come across a website especially made for teachers. It provides free articles on a variety of topics like teaching tips, book features, profiles on writers and other educators. It has other contributing writers who are teachers themselves. It’s called

The CSR website of Saint Mary's Publishing Corporation (SMPC), is aimed at providing information and material for teachers who want to further their learning online in order to become better at what they do.


I spent a few minutes on their website and finished a number of articles. One is "Shaping the self-learner: Creating an ideal learning environment outside the classroom". The article talks about setting up a learning environment on the four walls of our home, with parents as our teachers. Not only teachers will find it interesting, even parents can get insights in this article. Parents who practices “home schooling” can set up an ideal environment during the work-before-play routine.
Another article is about "allaying exam fears".  I had students with difficulty handling emotions during exams. There are students who consistently get  a very high score on their practice test yet they failed in the actual exam. If you have the same experience or has difficulty handling your feelings during the exam, why don’t you read this article and learn how to handle exam fears. is not just for educators. Parents, health educators and individuals who simply want to learn can join the community of self-learners!

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