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Organizations, family and individuals are making efforts to increase awareness of eco-friendly living and ways of protecting the environment. One of these efforts includes the use or installation of Solar energy system which provides free energy and is good for the environment since it don’t produce pollution.

Several blogs and websites talk about solar technology and its advantages. As I read these articles, I realized what solar power could provide aside from saving the earth and protecting the environment. For instance, the Silicon-Powered Solar Technology is said to be the world’s most dependable solar technology. If I choose to have a solar power program or use silicon solar products I am actually starting to save money as electricity increases every year. Although it may be costly to install a solar technology I believe it’s still a good investment for the environment and your own savings.


A website called Green Heat provides innovative and customized renewable energy solutions using solar PV as cornerstone technology. Green Heat offers reliable silicon solar products, including thin film, polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules, that allow customers design and application flexibility. High-performance features and superior reliability make Green Heat products the best choice for your solar power system.

How it works:

Solar energy reduces the amount of fossil fuel that is burned, which subsequently reduces the pollutants and CO² that make it to the atmosphere. Depending on the type of system, a complete home or office set-up normally powers select appliances such as lights, air-conditioners, and certain electrical outlets. 

Typically installed on rooftops, solar panels collect DC power and send it to an inverter which then converts it into AC (alternating current) power. The AC power goes from the inverter to the electrical panel, where it now becomes ready to use. Once the solar system produces more power than needed, the meter actually spins backwards. A home or office is still, of course, connected to the utility grid so it can get as much power as it needs outside of what the solar system produces.

Green HeatRoof mounted solar panels set up by Green Heat for houses in Masbate

Solar technologies provides a complete design whether for home or office, the solar system you need must be customized in order to get the possible performance, best cost and energy savings as well. When you understand how solar energy works it will be easier to choose what system will work for you.


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