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Mercato Centrale & GrantonWorld Mercato Centrale comes to  mind when we talk about midnight and weekend markets.  I’ve been there on both morning and night markets and I can say the experience were totally different. The morning Mercato Centrale is a bit laid back and relaxed. Mercato Centrale in the morning is a perfect time to do your shopping for fresh produce and some organic food. When I finished going around each stalls, I would grab a lunch meal and find a place in their alfresco dining. I would prefer bringing my family on day time after attending church service. On the other hand, the Midnight Mercato is when I usually invite friends to come, catch up on each other and have a night of food adventure.

Happy Panda at Mercato CentraleLast Saturday we were invited to experience a five minute shopping spree and an hour of eat-all-you-can treat courtesy of GrantonWorld. We were delighted with savory selections that include irresistibly crunchy pork belly slices by Carlo’s Kitchen, Monster Burgers quarter-pounder burgers, tender baby back ribs by RC’s Ribs, marinated beef slices by Angus Beef Tapa, pork monghe by Rich Great Foods, Philadelphia’s signature sandwiches by Ultimate Cheesesteak, roast beef and turkey by Chef Anton.


 Mercato Centrale: Angus Beef TapaCarlos Kitchen

We also had delicious Cushinetto’s pizza rolls and Vigan Empanada’s classic empanada, a must-try! Boyfriend loves the Cushinetto’s pizza while I prefer the empanadas. The sandwiches from Ultimate Chees steak with generous meat is big enough for two.  

Mercato Centale Cushinetto’s pizza rolls Mercato Centale & GrantonWorld

We found an unusual snack to replace your favorite French fries, Ping Gu’s mushroom fries freshly picked organic mushrooms that are breaded, fried in canola oil and served in a variety of dips, including creamy pesto, salsa, honey mustard and sweet chili. Finally, we can’t resist Frisch Liquor Ice Cream which I tried at the UTT in Rockwell tent few months ago. Last but not the least we had cold beverages served by the Juice Bar.

Ping Gu Mushroom FriesMercato Centrale

Mercato Centrale, in partnership with GrantonWorld presents an amazing deal of All-You-Can-Eat treat for only P499 instead of P999! Indulge in Mercato’s irresistible culinary fare, over hundred of these sprees will be available on November 9 and 16! You can get your slots now at the GrantonWorld website for only P499.

 Mercato Centrale

Mercato Hunger Games are just one of the many exciting promotions GrantonWorld has to offer. More than the usual deal buying site, GrantonWorld provides great shopping experience, as well as exclusive deals for services and products from everybody’s favorite establishments. You can avail of voucher booklets for top-notch restaurants and spas, as well as special deals and packages on local and foreign trips, gadgets, appliances, and home products.

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