The Artistic Side of Ms. Tingting Cojuangco


The Artistic Side of Ms. TingTing Cojuangco

We almost always regard political identities as serious individuals who talk about intense national issues affecting our country. So from time to time, it is interesting to discover their softer side and uncover their non-political life.

In a recent informal meet-up with Ms. Tingting Cojuangco, I saw her artistic side and passion for culture artifacts. Mrs. Cojuangco is the wife of Philippine Olympic Committee President and former Representative, Jose Cojuangco, Jr. She is also the mother of the country's popular equestrian and actress, “Mikee” Cojuangco.


I was delighted when I received an invitation to meet Ms. Margarita “TingTing” Cojuangco, more so, to join a blogger group to have dinner at her private place in Dasmarinas, Makati.

Although it wasn’t my first time to be invited by politicians, or those from with the higher ranks in our government, the experience was an opportunity to sit-down and talk about many things including her personal life, family, insights and interests.

TingTing Cojuangco's residence in DasmarinasTingTing Cojuangco's residence in Dasmarinas

One would immediately notice the sheer number of art pieces and cultural artifacts in her reception area. Most of which are part of her collection throughout the years including gifts from Muslim friends.

Ms. Tingting’s receiving area is such a beautiful area where guests may feel the family’s warm welcome.

TingTing Cojuangco's Artistic SideTingTing Cojuangco's Artistic SideTingTing Cojuangco's Art CollectionTingTing Cojuangco's Art Collection

TingTing Cojuaco 14

More about Tingting Cojuangco

As an aspirant for a Senatorial slot in the upcoming Philippine elections come 2013, it is  imperative for us to know some background about Mrs. Cojuangco.

Mrs. TingTing Cojuangco earned her Bachelors degree of Arts in Philippine Oriental History at Assumption Convent with Masteral in National Security Administration at National Defense College of the Philippines. She has a deep knowledge in Phil. history Philippine History at the University of Sto. Tomas.

Her other accomplishments include the following:

  • Master in Philippine History, University of Sto. Tomas, Moro Studies (20 years)
  • Doctorate in Philippine History, University of Sto. Tomas
  • Officer Senior Executive Course (Directorial Staff Course), Philippine Public Safety College
  • Doctorate of Criminology, Philippine College of Criminology

LivingMarjorney with Ms. Tingting Cojuangco

The Filipino-inspired dinner filled our stomach while her musings filled our thoughts. The night was brief and ended with usual courtesies and a lot of photo opportunity. I hope we would meet again, and perhaps, have more opportunity to discover the ‘other sides’ of Tingting Cojuangco.


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