Breathtaking Patar Beach and Cave in Bolinao

Allow me to start this series of our Puerto del Sol, Bolinao trip with the stunning Patar Sea Cave.

Upon the invitation of Puerto del Sol Beach Resort & Hotel Club  and our friend Anton of, I found myself in a breathtaking Patar Sea Cave one Saturday afternoon.

Patar Sea Cave Beach is one of the most dramatic and beautiful beaches I've seen in my entire life. Dramatic that I even turned emotional about things in life.

Resting at the heart of Bolinao, about 20 minutes drive from Puerto Del Sol Hotel is where Sea Cave beach is located.

We left Puerto Del Sol hotel to experience  Sea cave just before sunset.

In time for a perfect weather, offering the best sunshine for photography session and walking by the bay, I must say it was a great Sea Cave experience. The water is deep green and there's plenty of fine sand along the bay.

The rock formations are evidence from thousand of waves each day. While most of them enjoyed the view from the top of a huge rock, I found solitude near the water, allowing it to play with my feet. Fresh air to nourish every single nerve in my body while watching the waves of the beautiful Bolinao Sea Cave.

That day was dangerous to get inside the cave. Although we missed it, I was contented just watching the waves of deep green water going back and forth playing with the fine sand and the rock formations.

They say, it offers a perfect view for prenuptial shoots but it reminded me of something else - God and His creation, perhaps the best place for soul searching.

There’s a need to visit  nearby attractions so we stayed for about 30 minute - it was short but sweet! Sea Cave provides a view from the nearby Patar lighthouse which is about 5 minutes drive from here.

Visiting Patar Sea Cave was part of our trip at Puerto del Sol Beach Resort & Hotel Club.

*Patar Sea Cave, Puerto del Sol, Bolinao Pangasinan, Philippines


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