4.5 Kg Toblerone, the sweetest gift this season!


I love chocolates and Toblerone is one of my favorite from several brands in the market. I believe everyone has a “Toblerone moment”, it could be during your childhood years or when you started entertaining suitors, a “chocolate memory” with your first boyfriend. My first Toblerone bar came from my father. He loves to bring home chocolates, each of us has different variants so we can share to each other.


As Christmas season draws near, Toblerone launched its biggest chocolate bar ever, a 4.5 Kg Toblerone, an over sized gift perfect for someone special. The event was held at Eastwood Mall, hosted by Mr. RJ Ledesma. They invited three storytellers who shared their inspiring stories of love, friendship and family together with Toblerone.

4.5 Kg Toblerone, the sweetest gift this season!
Columnist and entrepreneur Tweet Gonzales, RockEd founder and writer Gang Badoy-Capati and actress Saab Magalona. The storytelling session tackled questions such as “How has Pinoy lambing evolved from the so-called Baby boomer generation to today’s millennial? Do today’s online chats carry the same weight as the handwritten notes f an earlier generation? How does technology divide the bridge, and does Pinoy “lambing” still speak the same language?

4.5 Kg Toblerone, the sweetest gift this season!4.5 Kg Toblerone, the sweetest gift this season!

I enjoyed listening to their stories, Gang was reminded of the relationship choices she once made. Hers was a beautiful story! A story of friendship and love. For Twee, her mood and spirit changes with a bar of chocolate, especially if this comes from her loved ones. Sometimes, I also feel the same.   Perhaps all of us have had break-ups and heartaches then I found myself enjoying my favorite chocolate bars.

Saab, a young actress  relates these to family and how every bite of Toblerone changes her mood, focusing on that moment’s treat!

Saab and Mom

Indeed, everyone could use Toblerone to add more love and sweetness in our lives. Every weekend until December 16, Toblerone will be bringing the “sweetness” closer to us with the launch of Toblerone Gift Hubs opened in major malls around Metro Manila.

We can find our favorite Toblerone variants and have them personalized and gift-wrapped. Choose from a pack of P50 (3pcs Toblerone Milk minis, 1 pc Toblerone White mini  & 1 pc Toblerone Dark mini) to P500 (1 Toblerone Milk 200gm, I Toblerone White 1oogm, 1 Toblerone Dark 100gm, 3 pcs Toblerone Milk 35 gm). Also, get the chance to win 1 of the 50 4.5kg Toblerone variant for every P100 single receipt purchase.



Have a sweet holiday season with Toblerone!

For more information or find your nearest Toblerone Gift Hub, visit www.facebook.com/TobleronePilipinas


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