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They say success is hard to achieve but with perseverance and right tools it’s not far to reality just like running a business. I am not an expert but I have been into small time business of selling products since I was in high school. It is where I get extra earnings aside from my monthly salary and it helps a lot. The earnings usually goes to my savings. Today, it would be better if you have a landline telephone service, a good internet connection, reliable gadgets such as laptop and camera.


I was invited to the PLDT SME Nation event held at Smart Jump Center at SM Megamall for the launch of "Negosyo Boost: The all-in-one business solution". It’s the new and enhanced PLDT Negosyo Boost Productivity Suite, the latest product bundle that gives business owners a hand in their day to day operations via powerful technology tool.

Do you want a “one by one” or an “all in one” package? PLDT SME Nation’s Negosyo Boost offers great value for money business solution packages. It comes in three package options: Watch, Control and Manage


  • Watch Package is offered with landline telephone services, high speed DSL internet connectivity with speeds up to 3 Mbps, Ecofax, a security software suite and Watcher, SME Nation's multi-camera  system that integrated with a software solution.
  • Control Package brings together landline telephone services, DSL, Ecofax, a security software suite and CheckOut, SME Nation's web-based point of sale system (POS) that provides retail managers accurate sales information to help them make better business decisions.
  • Manage package incorporates landline telco services, the DSL internet connectivity, Ecofax, the security software suite, together with Watcher and CheckOut.

The three packages helps SME further grow. Subscribers can also get additional services with PLDT’s  Negosyo Boost add-ons such as DigiVault, SME Nation's Cloud-based electronic fling system that allows an entrepreneur to organize, store and view all office file online, a netbook computer or a tablet.

Take your business to the next level,  join the BIZ Boost promo which provides entrepreneurs a chance to sample Negosyo Boost free of charge, all you need is just sign up online at Negosyo Boost’s Facebook page. Five winners will be selected after a two-week period, after which the winners will be given a free six-month subscription of Negosyo Boost Control. You may also check their website at or call 101-888 for more details.  


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