Pinkberry reveals Chocolate Hazelnut variant


Chocolate & Original PinkberryThe battle between Pinkberry’s Original and Chocolate Hazelnut yogurts just started. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just me and fiancé debating what variant to choose.  

It all started when we were invited by Pinkberry Philippines for the launch of their newest flavor, the Pinkberry Chocolate Hazelnut.

I still remember our first Pinkberry experience when we had to try all their flavors  since we had to order a  “Take Home 25 ounces Pinkberry” (photo above). We chose two flavors Chocolate and the ORIGINAL. I like the original, sour and refreshing. From then on, I always go for the original even with their smoothie, I customize but I still go for the original yogurt.

Now, let me share to you their latest addition, the Pinkberry Chocolate HAZELNUT yogurt made with our favorite chocolate, NUTELLA!

They also launch the Pinkberry Chocolate Hazelnut variants but you can still customize according to your mood and preference. Here are the available variants.

Red heartChocolate Hazelnut Decadence (dark chocolate crisps and mixed nuts)
Red heartChocolate Hazelnut Trio (Nutella, strawberry and banana)
Red heartChocolate Hazelnut Crunch (honey almond granola, banana and almonds)
Red heartChocolate Hazelnut Truffle (milk chocolate crunch and strawberry)

I was able to try all these variants and my favorite was the Chocolate Hazelnut Trio. The strawberry and banana goes well with chocolate hazelnut, there’s sweetness, a bit tangy still light and refresh with strawberries & banana. I guess it’s perfect for those who wants fruits and chocolate.

The Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch with honey almond granola, banana and almonds is great too! You would never go wrong with almonds and granola.

We had the opportunity to create our very own Pinkberry Chocolate Hazelnut yogurt adding our choice of toppings. I added some fruits, the berries and cheesecake then topped with honey syrup.


Here’s what I had, Pinkberry Chocolate Hazelnut with –berries & cheesecake!

The Chocolate Hazelnut variant is an interesting flavor, dedicated for the chocoholics. I guess, with my age now previous likes & preferences change over the years. Sorry Chocolate Hazelnut but I still go with my first love – the Original variant.

On the other hand, this new Pinkberry Hazelnut turned out to be fiancé's new favorite!  It was actually favorable to me, thank you Pinkberry now we have to purchase two flavors every visit. In fact, for the first time we had separate cups with different flavors, finally no more sharing!

Here’s our latest photo taken at Pinkberry Powerplant Mall. Me with my favorite Original yogurt and Jonel holding Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie with almonds, mangoes and strawberries.


Aside from the Chocolate Hazelnut variant, Pinkberry Philippines also released new food item, Pinkberry Waffle Cookie Sandwiches available in three variants: Chocolate Hazelnut, Pomegranate Chocolate and Coconut Lemon.

Pinkberry Waffle Cookie Sandwiches, a mouth watering treat using your favorite Pinkberry variant: the new Chocolate Hazelnut, Coconut Lemon and Pomegranate Chocolate between two delicious waffle cookies.

Make it more fun, get one and share it with your loved one or divide it into four and serve it right after meal.

Pinkberry Cookie Sandwiches14-DSC03047

The first time I tried them, I fell in love with the Chocolate Hazelnut but after few hours I start liking the Pomegranate Chocolate then few days later it’s the Coconut Lemon. I guess, it depends on your mood or the time of the day. For meryenda (snack) I prefer the Choco Hazelnut, its heavy and sweeter. The remaining two are lighter, refreshing and a bit tangy.

Did you know that Pinkberry Philippines is celebrating its 1st year Anniversary today! Go, visit Pinkberry nearest you and get 2 stamps for every purchase of Pinkberry yogurt with toppings!


The 12 Swirls of Christmas, get your Pinkberry stamp card now and get a limited edition Pinkberry T-shirt.

Pinkberry reveals Chocolate Hazelnut variant21-DSC03054

What about you? Share your Pinkberry stories, too!

Happy 1st Birthday Pinkberry Philippines! Cheers!


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