Wendy’s BBQnator


We usually eat outside during Sundays right after the 5:30 church service, most often in  a restaurant or fast food joint near St. Francis Tower I. We were hopping from one restaurant to another and saw Wendy’s BBQnator billboard at the food court area of Shangri La mall.

Wendy’s son of BBQnator

The Baconator is a known food item at Wendy’s. But recently, they launched the handful BBQNATOR. With two (2) juicy 2 quarter pound  imported beef patties, 6 strips of tasty smoked bacon, 2 slices of American cheese, savory with hickory barbeque sauce and topped with crunchy real onion rings in between two kaiser buns. 

Wendy’s BBQnator

I was standing at the counter examining how big my appetite that evening and if I should have either Bacon Mushroom Melt, the affordable real meals or the new BBQnator. Then I saw the son of the BBQnator, they say it’s especially made for a small appetite.

Wendy’s Onion Rings

Surprised with the size, the son of the BBQnator still huge for me. It has the same ingredients as the BBQnator. The meat is tender and juicy, more delightful and flavorful with its savory hickory BBQ sauce. A mouthful of flavor that’s sweet and smoky with a bit sour probably because of the mayonnaise.

Wendy’s BBQnator

The son of BBQnator did not disappoint me so what should I expect from the BBQnator?

My meal was complete with a biggie size Onion Rings and Medium Frosty. I could have added a cup of soda or iced tea but I requested for service water instead. Below is the price of the BBQnator.

  • BBQnator Sandwich - P255
    BBQnator Combo – P315 (with regular drinks and regular fries)

  • Son of BBQnator Sandwich - P156
    Son of BBQnator Combo – P198 (with regular drinks and regular fries)

You can upgrade your meal to regular onion rings by adding P8 and P15 for iced tea instead of soda.

Wendy’s BBQnator

I regret not having the BBQnator! Anyway, the new Wendy’s BBQnator definitely offers a satisfying burger treat will surely have it on my next visit! 


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