A Birthday Celebration at Dragon Chef Restaurant


November last year was mom’s 50th birthday. Because she deserves a day off, we thought of a simple yet delicious treat!

Dragon Chef Restaurant

I prefer birthdays celebrations on the birth date itself, although sometimes we have to adjust and give way for those who can’t attend because of so many reasons. So, I decided to invite her for dinner on November 14 after office hours. 

Dragon Chef RestaurantDragon Chef Restaurant

Dragon Chef Restaurant


My younger sibling came with her  kids.  My boyfriend turned husband, Jonel was there too!

First, we had seafood beancurd soup. It was good.

Dragon Chef Restaurant

It’s her special day so we had the famous Birthday Noodles (P328). We love this noodle dish, it has generous toppings especially the lechon Macau. For the serving size it can be shared by 3-4 persons.

Dragon Chef Restaurant

The main dish arrived, Nancy Kwan or Lemon Chicken – Husband and I would always order lemon chicken, aside from I prefer chicken than pork it’s also not the usual dish we cook at home. Dragon Chef’s Nancy Kwan was good although I wish they will improve the serving size.

Dragon Chef Restaurant

Sweet and sour pork. – taste and flavor just fine.

Dragon Chef Restaurant

Wanchai Pork Asado and Lechon Macau (P318) – it was a personal favorite. The meat was juicy and tender.

Dragon Chef Restaurant

Dragon Chef Fried Rice (298)

Dragon Chef Restaurant

Dragon Chef restaurant offers a fine dining experience at a reasonable price. They have a nice interior, comfy and stylish sofa, notable designs on their walls and ceiling.

Dragon Chef Restaurant

Dragon Chef is located at Trinoma Mall, 4th Floor, Garden area with telephone number (02) 621-4487

Other dishes you must-try at Dragon Chef..

Dim sum; Emperor Wenzong, crispy Asian chicken with BBQ sauce and Snowballs for dessert.

Dragon Chef RestaurantDragon Chef RestaurantDragon Chef RestaurantDragon Chef Restaurant


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