Chooga Juice in Wise Pack



“Chooga” is a creative spelling originally derived from the English phrase Chug-a, meaning to enjoy and swallow without pausing, as in Chug-a-Juice.

Last week I was invited to the launch of this refreshing drink. Although it has been in the market for more than a year now, it was my first time to try Chooga Juice. 

Chooga Juice in Wise Pack

choogajuice3First thing that I noticed is the packaging. It’s  in a “soft bottle” made of plastic that was  designed it can stand on its own. They call it “wise pack”. Just like other beverages in a plastic or tetra-pack I thought it comes with a straw. There’s no need for a straw, you just have to tear it and conveniently drink from the soft bottle.

Second, it’s made from fruit puree. More healthier and nutritious.

Third, Chooga Juice offers more convenience for users of powdered juice drinks. In contrast to cheap powdered fruit drinks which consist primarily of processed ingredients and artificial flavors without real juice concentrate or fruit puree.


Fourth, the juice is not only delicious, refreshing and nutritious. It is also more convenient and effectively more economical. With powder juice, one still needs to buy or add purified water, ice, sugar, plastic cups or glasses that one still has to wash after use.  Chooga Juice can be drank on-the-go. It’s perfect for kids “baon” as well as family outing.


Fifth, Chooga Juice in Wise-Pack occupies less space unlike traditional bottled juices that occupies more space and prone to breakage.  Moreover, with its wise-pack plastic packaging, it cools faster than all other beverages thus translating to less power cost.

Finally, the wise packs are 100% recyclable and made into Wise-Chair. Refreshment Republic Inc. partners with Envirotech in this advocacy.


Chooga Juice is available at all supermarkets with a SRP of P9. It’s available in 5 delicious flavors; mango, pomelo, pineapple, sweet tamarind and orange.

Ironically, flavors I thought I will not like turned out to be my favorite - the sweet tamarind and pineapple. It’s not sugary-sweet just deliciously refreshing especially when cold. At home I placed them inside the freezer and make it like ice candy.

Chooga Juice is produced by Refreshment Republic Inc.


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