Hong Kong Chronicles: Honeymoon And Chinese New Year

Day 1: Hong Kong, our Honeymoon & Chinese New Year Destination
I was excited when I learned my husband’s choice for honeymoon is Hong Kong. It’s nice to be back after five years. I went there for the NCLEX-RN Examination, a licensure exam for nurses. I stayed for three days in Novotel Hotel in Nathan Road. In 24 hours we had the result so I came back with the good news that I passed the computer-based examination. Yes, I’m a US-RN licensed in New York. Anyway, I am more excited to tell about this trip. 

Hong Kong Airport
Allow me tell you what are the spectacular destinations we visited in Hong Kong. Although we were not able to visit them all,  at least I would like to share some places you must see especially for those planning their honeymoon.

If you're considering “budget” going abroad like Hong Kong, the overall cost actually depends on your needs and wants. You have to decide what type of accommodation you want. For this trip, we were armed with P25,000 cash (already converted to $HK) and brought our credit cards. We stayed in a not so fancy hotel in Kowloon but it was a decent one. Did you know that we were not able to prepare our itinerary because we’re busy for the wedding. Not to mention a tight schedule at work, catching up on deadlines. But because I believe so much with my husband, who travels very often our unprepared trip is definitely the most memorable one, simply because it’s our honeymoon.

Day 1: Hong Kong, our Honeymoon & Chinese New Year Destination
We left Manila via Cebu Pacific early morning of Tuesday, Feb 12, a day after our short stay in SOFITEL Club Millesime.

11 a.m. We arrived at Hong Kong International Airport and took an hour bus ride going to Kowloon.
At the airport, our first stop was Hong Kong Tourism Board where we get flyers, map and had our photo taken. While in Manila, we already exchanged our peso. But in case you need to, don’t worry there’s a money changer inside the airport. MTR and Airport Express Tickets are also available at HK airport.

Octopus CardWe bought our Octopus Card, paid $150, (50 for deposit). It’s reloadable in most 7-11 stores. The octopus card is just like MRT Card in Manila although their octopus card are acceptable in several HK transportation like MTR and buses.

We took a bus going to Kowloon heading Nathan Road to look for our hotel ($30+). You heard me right, we went to HK without booking our accommodation in advance. It was actually the dilemma of going on a trip not prepared. By the way, did I mentioned that it was Chinese New Year when we arrived? Some of our friends in Manila told us that HK residents are out for the week-long celebration. They usually go to Mainland China to visit relatives. Most stores are close. I was a little upset when I heard that. Surprisingly, all hotels were full even the econotels and backpacking hotels. 

Hong Kong International Airport

2 p.m.  Finally, we found a place to stay for the next 3 days. At 2 pm we’re savoring HK food ($29 for rice/ $26 for noodle) in a cheap eatery near our hotel. I was excited to try HK food so I ordered this.. I can’t remember the name but it taste like chicken rice and it was good! 

Hong Kong Street FoodHong Kong Street FoodHong Kong Street Food

3 p.m. Check in at City Econotel
City Econo Hotel
5-6/F Cumberland House 227 Nathan Road Jordan - Kowloon Hong Kong

For only $550 (for two) we got a clean, decent room. It has air-condition, colored TV, toilet and bath, clean towels and toiletries. The owner was so friendly and accommodating. I cannot forget the lady who assisted us.  Sorry for the photo, It was the next day when I remember to take a photo of our room.

4 p.m. We started a walk at nearby shopping centers then took a bus heading Tai Po  to see the Hong Kong Well-Wishing Festival. But Before that, we grab a quick bite, siomai (8pcs) and a large size Milk Tea for only $20.

Hong Kong DiningHong Kong SiomaiHong Kong Milk Tea

5 p.m: We were surprised with the heavy traffic going to Lam Tsuen, Wishing Square, Lam Tsuen, Tai Po. When we arrived, there’s a large with the volume of people, oh so this is what vacation is all about. That’s when I realized it was really holiday, Chinese New Year and most are in Hong Kong’s major tourist attractions.

Hong Kong Well-Wishing Festival
Beautiful Chinese Lantern (left) and a shoulder carriage (Chinese Bridal Carriage)

Hong Kong Well-Wishing FestivalHong Kong Well-Wishing Festival
The Money Tree

Lam Tsuen, Wishing Square, Lam Tsuen, Tai Po

Lam Tsuen, Wishing Square, Lam Tsuen, Tai Po

7 p.m. From several food stalls, this one struck me most – people queuing for “taho” or soy! It’s not an ordinary “taho” though, it’s 100%pure and plain. Although you can add this yellow powder that sweetens the taho they don’t add sago or peals like ours.

We became interested more after seeing posters of the vendor around the store. Perhaps her taho is the most sought taho in town. It taste good, I like it plain and not too sweet. Serving is about two cups per order.
Check out my short video as I throw my wish to the money tree.

8 p.m: After Well-Wishing Festival 2013, our next destination was sightseeing at Kowloon Side. First stop was Mong Kok at the Ladies Night Market. Going Ladies Night Market, take MTR Mong Kok Station Exit Station 2.

sightseeing at Kowloon Sidesightseeing at Kowloon Sidesightseeing at Kowloon Sidesightseeing at Kowloon Sidesightseeing at Kowloon Side

10 p.m: We also visited the Temple Street Night Market.

How to go at Temple Street Market? Take MTR Jordan Station Exit A or MTR Yau Ma Tei Station and go to Exit C.
107-IMG_20130212_230117Temple Night Market

(Top) photo with a vendor selling paintings at the Temple Night Market. I bought one at $100 unfortunately, I left the painting at the hotel as we need to catch our flight back to Manila. Below are necklaces sold at $60 and up. Jonel got one, the one with camera design.

necklaces sold at $60

I bought “pasalubong” for my family and friends and definitely enjoyed the Ladies Night Market more despite the huge crowd of visitors from different parts of the world. There are street performances too!

11:30 p.m. It was almost midnight when we left Temple Market. On our way back to hotel, we passed by a cute and interesting coffee shop, it’s one of my favorite cartoon character – Charlie Brown, the Charlie Brown Cafe. 

Charlie Brown

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We are happy a couple exploring Hong Kong. I’ll share more romantic getaways on part 2 and part 3 of our Hong Kong honeymoon and Chinese New Year celebration in this blog, so stay tuned.

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