Happy Walk 2013: 11th Down Syndrome Consciousness Month


Happy Walk 2013: 11th Down Syndrome Consciousness Month

Families of children with Down Syndrome shared experiences in a recently held Happy Walk 2013.

Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines (DSAPI) celebrates 11th Down Syndrome Consciousness Month. The association provides early intervention seminars to new parents, to help replace anger, denial and guilt with understanding, hope and love.

It was also in time with the 21st year anniversary celebration of DSAPI and other major events such as the recently held 10th DISAPI Golf Cup at the Tagaytay Midlands Golf Club.

Down Syndrome is a random genetic disorder that occurs in 1 in 800 to 1 in 1000 childbirths. People with Down syndrome have some distinctive facial and physical features in common. Most f them have round faces with flatter profiles. Other facial features include small upturned eyes, a small mouth with a with a somewhat larger tongue, small and flat nose, and small ears.


Happy Walk 2013: 11th Down Syndrome Consciousness MonthHappy Walk 2013: 11th Down Syndrome Consciousness Month

When taken care of, loved and given chance to live like a normal individuals, they become successful. Some in the area of music, others in sports. While others enjoy the amazing world of technology and science, others are silently sketching the beauty of the world.


This February, the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines celebrates the 11th Down Syndrome Consciousness Month with Happy Walk 2013 which happened last week February 24 at SM City North EDSA.

Special Olympics Philippines 26-IMG_0348

The children COUNT DOWN 3-2-1 in every activities line-up that day and were all excited to dance, sing and join the games. Started with a mass preceded the opening ceremony for the Happy Walk proper where the children paraded around SM North EDSA main mall and the Sky Garden grounds.

Emcees Sarah Lapena and Byron Ungson greeted the crowd and led the program with national anthem. This was followed by a special number Gangnam Style dance presented by the children with Down Syndrome themselves.

Next, opening remarks and inspirational speeches from SM officials and DSAPI. Also joining the affair is Mr. Winston Maxino, Happiest Pinoy 2010 and a proud dad of Brina, a child with Down Syndrome.

I met Maximo when I joined the Happiest Pinoy camp in Tagaytay last year. Inspired on what he said “Happiness is a decision that you and I made everyday. When life gets down, hope that it will be better tomorrow.” I thought he will render an inspirational message but it was his beautiful daughter Brina, 2013 Special Olympics Global Youth Ambassador.


There is also an ongoing photo exhibit of workshops and activities of DSAPI with Photography with a Difference (PWD) at the 3rd level of The Block

Behind my camera lens, I was tearful as I watch them dance, laugh and mingle with each other.

This event wouldn’t be possible without the parents and families of children with Down Syndrome. Also, DSAPI who continuously support and encourage parents to accept, love and guide their children. Second, sponsors of todays event. I saw Chef Tony’s Popcorn, CANON camera, Jollibee mascot arrived with a special dance number. Last but not the least, SM North EDSA, SKYDOME and SM CARES who cared so much to people with disability and special needs. 


DSAPI is a volunteer-based organization that was established in February 1992. They encourage the parents to love their children and to spend time with them. To bring the out to public so that they may enjoy more, just like normal children. DSAPI also teach parents proper care to children with Down Syndrome

Do you want to know more about DSAPI, contact them at:


Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc.

2nd Floor, 6372 Agrifina Building, Camia corner Meleguas Streets, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati (near Rockwell) with Telephone No. 895-9642 or 895-3606, visit their website www.dsapi.org


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