The Flavors of Singapore at “My Singapore Food Street”


Food Court in Singapore selling Chicken RiceWhen in Singapore, visitors would look for a local cuisine called Hainanese Chicken Rice. I got to taste an authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice when I visited the country last year.

Food Court in Singapore selling Chicken Rice


Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore

Food Court in Singapore selling Chicken Rice

Now, the good news is, we don’t have to fly to Singapore and spend thousands of pesos for a plate of Chicken Rice.

My Singapore Food Street

If you frequent SM Megamall, I’m sure you’re familiar with its restaurants and shops. The place used to be Orchard Road before it became My Singapore Food Street. Both offering Singapore dishes but the two differs when it comes to food pricing and the restaurant’s ambiance. Orchard road has a bigger space, with several tables compared to My Singapore Food Street though. The latter is a bit more cozy and provides better “Singapore hawker  food experience.”

We started with hot and freshly cooked Shanghai rolls and croquettes. I prefer the croquettes than spring rolls though but both are good.  Shanghai rolls P100/Croquettes 3pc for P80

My Singapore Food Street

The store aims to bring to Manila the taste and style of Singapore’s hawker centers that will surely satisfy the Filipinos’ appetite for good food with its reasonably priced dishes.

My Singapore Food Street

Another Singapore dish you must try is Laksa. It has a hot creamy soup with noodles, shrimp, boiled egg and togue. I’m not a fan of laksa but would definitely love to try it from time to time.  (P175)

My Singapore Food Street

Chicken Rice - The meat is tasty and tender, although I would prefer having the dark brown roasted chicken because its more oily. Perhaps on my next visit.

I like the sauces too! The red chili sauce is just fine and not too spicy. The ginger sauce was good, when the three mixes it creates a well-balance flavor.  

My Singapore Food Street

Our Singapore meal will never be complete without a Singaporean drink such as Kopi Tarik and Milo Dinausor (P100).

My Singapore Food Street

In addition to Hainanese Chicken rice and laksa, this casual restaurant  also serves other Singaporean dishes such as Nasigoreng, 5 spice Tofu, my favorite stir fry dish Char Kwey Teow and the tasty Satay Chicken.

My Singapore Food Street My Singapore Food Street

Whether you’re here for lunch, dinner or snack you can always find good food at My Singapore Food Street.

My Singapore Food Street

Kopi Tarik and Milo Dinausor

The restaurants opens during mall hours, from 10am onwards Mondays to Sundays.


2nd Level

Bridgeway, SM Megamall


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