Certified Angus Beef® Now Available at SM Supermarkets


Good news to those who crave for a luxurious meal, now you can serve those mouthwatering burgers and meat-tender, juicy steaks  at the convenience of your home, prepared with love and affection because Certified Angus Beef® is now available at the country’s leading supermarket, SM Supermarket. 

Angus-Beef-SMSupermarket52We heard about some meat selections claiming as certified Angus beef. I was actually asking how we will know a real Angus beef. Angus beef is not beef. It's a popular beef breed of cattle. Also, not all Angus are equal. That's why we have to learn what a brand sets apart from others.

The word “Angus” pertains to a type of cattle native to Angus and Aberdeen shire, Scotland, cows known for having one of the best marbled meats (nice fat layered flesh). The highest marbling of the Angus beef ensures customer satisfaction.


About last week, SM Supermarket introduced another meat selection offering the best tasting meat, the Angus beef - known for its high class in quality and taste; perfect for meat-tender steaks, juicy roasts and even mouthwatering and tasty burgers.


The secret is in the structure of its meat.


The brand was presented in a cooking demonstration at SM Makati’s concourse area (in front of supermarket). Mall-goers got to sample delightful dishes and even learned easy-to-follow recipes from Chef Cacho, of course using the Certified Angus beef.

Personally, beef is a third option. I prefer chicken second to fish but I’m glad trying their Angus beef. It was meat-tender, juicy and flavorful. I love the simple steak prepared by Chef Cacho adding only a pinch of salt and pepper.

The dish served with white creamy sauce was magnificent! I super love! I regret not taking notes of the cooking procedure. The kebabs were great, too! The green and red peppers added more flavor, too! The skewered meals is perfect for Sunday family bonding.


What’s more, SM Supermarket Makati will have a special treat for customers who will purchase Certified Anus beef. For every kilo of Angus beef, a shopper gets to take home free imported cheese (choices include brie, blue cheese, edamer, gouda, mozzarella, aromeo, cedar red and cedar white). Wow! That will surely add more flavor to your burgers and other dishes. So better hurry and grab it now!



The “Certified Angus Beef” will also be initially available in SM Supermarket Makati and soon in other SM Supermarket branches such as SM Megamall A & B, Baguio, and Naga.


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