Best in Surprises!

Last Christmas I thought of giving myself the liberty from all the stress preparing for Noche Buena yet making sure we have a pasta dish in our table.

Coming from Christmas party with friends, I knew I wouldn't have enough time to prepare lasagna so I decided to bring home two boxes of family size from our favorite pizza pasta store, Greenwich. Surprised to see empty trays in less than an hour and all other pastas were left for eating the next day. Indeed, the best lasagna supreme for the family.

Three months later, just before we left Manila for the Holy a week vacation, a delivery man came knocking at the door handling a huge basket together with a bouquet of flowers! Whoever sent these is such a sweet and thoughtful person, "Best in Surprises!".


How do you feel if someone sent a bouquet of flowers for you? I love flowers, roses in particular. you might want to check out, my wedding bouquet of flowers, here (follow me on Instagram, @LivingMarjorney). I was excited to open the basket and check what's inside. Husband handed me the flowers and said "to my beautiful wife".

Next, we open the basket just like couples do when they unwrap wedding gifts one-by-one! It was sweet! Then we learned it was a basket-ful of Greenwich Lasagna supreme. The brand that always comes with innovative products to satisfy our cravings. The Lasagna Supreme is loaded with delightful ingredients for that fantastic lasagna treat!  It has thicker noodles, meaty sauce and has three types of cheese topped with a rich and creamy b├ęchamel sauce. It also comes with a yummy garlic stix.

With all its richness, the Greenwich Lasagna Supreme is tagged at only P79 for its snack size and P99 for a full size.


This special treat from Greenwich Lasagna Supreme made our day simply special, and those “Best In” moments that usually happen unexpectedly can also be celebrated not only with your better half but with the entire family or barkada.

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