Revisiting Singapore Food Republic

What makes a trip more memorable? Is it the charming hotels? The captivating beach front or an award-winning cuisine? All these, makes a stay truly uplifting experience and I always look forward to a wonderful vacation may it be domestic or international. 

 Universal Studios Singapore

Super Trees, Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands

One of the best ways to experience a country's culture is to indulge in its delightful local dishes and their traditional way of eating. It was my first time to visit Singapore mid of last year, 2012. The trip was so special I can remember every detail. It was a birthday gift to my by my boyfriend (that time) turned husband! We explore the city, never skipped Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios and a lot more. If possible, we would try every Singaporean food we passed by. What made it more special is the wedding proposal in a romantic bar called Lantern in Fullertone Bay Hotel, one of the most beautiful things that happened during the entire trip. 

With that, Singapore has a special place in my heart. I don't frequently go there yet I don't have to miss it with the sprouting of many Singapore restaurants in the country.

Do we really have to travel almost three hours by plane, spend thousands of pesos to savor authentic Singapore cuisine? It won't hurt if we do it once in a while though. 

Fast forward, about two weeks ago husband and I dine at Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak located at the Bonifacio Global City. It was lunch time when we had a feast of authentic Singaporean dishes. Mr. H.K Tan, owner of the restaurant warmly welcome us and joined us in an intimate lunch.  

They always say "great things comes in small packages" just like the Kueh Pai Ti, a popular Singapore street food. Gorgeously placed in an egg-tray like plate, these crunchy quick snack topped with shrimp and greens is fantastic. 

Came next is a healthy dish, Thai Style Tofu. Though simple, it can spice up any meal. If you've just make a resolution to cut on meat consumption, then this dish is made for you. 

The sweetness of Crispy Baby Squid reminds me of the street food I used to buy outside school's premises many years ago. 

I was happy to have stir-fried noodles once again, Char Kwey Teow. I always want it every time we dine in a Singaporean restaurant. Flat rice noodles with dark soy sauce, bean sprouts and shrimps sometimes I would pass to regular rice and just enjoy this Singaporean favorite.  Two thumbs up!

A comforting Singapore dish, Beef Rendang served with the famous, Nasi Lemak. Beef has always been the least of my choice but I admit that there are beef recipes that I can't resist, one is their version of beef rendang . It has a mild spicy flavor and it goes well with nasi lemak. It's really yummy!

Bak Kut Teh is a light soup made with spices and pork ribs. 

It was in Resorts World Sentosa that I first tasted Bak Kut Teh. I just had it few weeks ago at Singapore Food Republic and their version of Bak Kut Teh satisfied this foodie. I also learned that the dish varies, I had a darker soup back in Singapore. On the other hand, HK Tan explained that others already mix the rich dark soy sauce with the soup. At Singapore Food Republic, you have the liberty to mix the sauce.  

The smokey flavor, meat-tender Satay Sticks served with yellow dipping sauce should always be present when dining at Singapore Food Republic.   

A spicy-hot Fish Head Curry is another favorite, generous in vegetable. 

Last but not the least, Singapore's national dish, Hainanese Chicken Rice. Though it looks like a lot, it is considered one meal. It comes with a soup, rice, three kinds of sauces and of course the chicken. Just like in Singapore, the three sauces are chili hot sauce dip, a dark soy sauce dip and freshly pounded ginger. Meat is tender and juicy. The rice is perfectly cooked the way it should be. 

A bowl of noodles, shrimps, fishcake, eggs cooked in spicy coconut broth is called Laksa. I think it's one of the common dish yet always one of the most sought-after especially to those who love spicy food.  

Another star of Singapore cuisine is the Chili crab served with mantau. I just love wiping the red sauce with mantau. It's so flavorful and spiciness is just okay. 

Overall, it was a tummy-filled and wonderful experience in Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak. It felt like I'm in Singapore again, posing in a huge photo of Marina Bay Sands. And if you haven't been to the country, a short stay at the restaurant would make you feel as if you're in Singapore.  


By the way, when in Singapore Food Republic don't forget to order the famous iced Tea Tarek; onde-onde and sago gula malaka for dessert. 

 Tea Tarik

Singapore Food Republic 
4th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (Behind H.S.B.C.)
Telephone No. (02) 925-1988


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