The Relevance of Earth Day To Me

Earth Day has been celebrated in the country since 1990's participated by numerous environmental groups from local government units to non-governmental organizations, from academic institutions, business corporations and  big organizations to individuals who want to do something for the environment. 

It has been a routine to passed by SM supermarket for fresh fruits every time I go out for work or personal errands. I do it to maximize time and effort by buying things I needed at home. On April 16 and 17, SM Supermalls,  SM Cares and Earth Day Network Philippines Inc. celebrated Earth Day in a two-day free eco-fair and seminar. Topics such as organic farming interest us. Though, quite busy we took time to listen to the speakers. Suddenly, I remember a similar lecture we had during our trip at Costales Farm. You would like to read about my previous post about Organic Farming in Majayjay Laguna, click here

The program started early in the morning led by no less than Mr. Jojo P. Navera, Earth Day Project Head/Regional Operations and Manager of Environment Committee, SM Cares; DENR Environmental Management Bureau Director Atty. Juan Miguel Cuna and  Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc. President Roberto B. Guevara graced the event and delivered inspiring messages. 

With the theme “Earth Day Everyday, Everywhere, for Everyone,” 

Mr.Jojo Navera-Regional Operations Manager of SM
Mr.Roberto Guevara-President of Earth Day Network Philippines
Mr.Voltaire Alferez-Exec.Director of Earth Day Network Philippines

The focus of Earth Day 2013 is Ecogovernance, which means the production and utilization of eco-friendly materials.  Several exhibitors joined the Eco Fair including  

  • Plantex

  • PRRM
  • Science of Identity Foundation
  • Manila Water
  • Redgard Coating Solution
  • Earth Day Network Philippines
  • Aging Pinoy
  • Shell-Malampaya Foundation
  • Fujimoto
  • Quanta
  • Amon
  • Monrio Industrial Corp

When we arrived, the talk is about organic farming. The couple shared inspiring stories and the benefits of farming and verniculture. Aside from improving ones'  well-being both physical and mental health, they said "There is money in worms (verniculture)!"  

Organic farming improves spirituality too! It is also an activity that their family loves to do.    

My own little way of saving the Mother Earth!

We just moved in Quezon City about two months ago and one of the things I immediately asked my neighbors is the schedule of garbage collection. In our barangay, dump truck comes three times a week so I have to segregate our disposals properly. Mondays and Fridays are for wet, those that easily decompose. On the other hand, dry garbage are collected every Wednesday. These includes carton, scrap papers etc. I've been doing segregation for years, separating plastic containers, papers, boxes even egg trays. I thought I could earn few peso from it so I started collecting them, even the scrap papers and CDs and bring them to the nearest junk shop. Also, there's a recycling market going on every 1st Saturday of the month at SM Supermalls where you can bring all your trash and exchange them to cash or other useful items. It's called Trash to Cash!

At our new house in QC, we have a small plot. I call it "terrace garden" where I started growing plants, not organic though. It creates a positive outlook and improves well-being a midst busy schedule. 

I hope there will be more attendees and people who will get involve in such advocacy. Eco-fairs and seminars like these are of great help in educating the public. Thanks to SM Supermalls for providing a venue for events such as the recent eco-fair as part of the Earth Day 2013 celebration.     

This year is also significant for us who has been exerting efforts for the environment. In 1999 Mr. Mark Dubois of Earth Day International visited the Philippines and helped form the Earth Day Network Philippines in the house of the late Odette Alcantara, the founding Country Coordinator. Now, Earth Day Network is also celebrating its 15th anniversary  

Happy Earth Day, folks and Congratulations to Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc., DENR, SM Cares and SM Supermalls for their unwavering support and efforts in protecting the environment. 

Did you join the Earth Day 2013 celebration? Why don't we make a pledge to the Mother Earth?  Leave a comment, would love to hear your story. 


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