Korea's "It's Skin" Opens at SM North EDSA

Korea's It's Skin opens in SM North
I love to put on makeup and share the products I've tried. At the moment, I'm using The Face Shop BB Cream hubby bought during his trip in Korea. It's the same BB Cream I used during our prenuptial shoot. I did the styling all by myself and thanks to BB Cream for that glow on my face. 

Another skin solution came from Korea and was brought here in the country and exclusively distributed by Descorp IncorporatedThe company aims to bring "It’s Skin" facial center to new levels of popularity among Filipino consumers. They are located at a small space located the 3rd level of SM North EDSA. One of the interesting items I found inside the store is the SCULPT SKIN Vibrating Foundation

With SPF 50 and formulated with vegetable collagen, flower extract, ceramide, shea butter,  anti-darkening formula, skin protector ingredients and pore care complex.  

It's Skin SCULPT SKIN Vibrating Foundation
SCULPT SKIN Vibrating Foundation
I noticed how it was quickly absorbed by my skin, giving a medium to full coverage. With the vibrator, it also promotes blood circulation. 

Another item I might be purchasing soon is the Black Head Total Solution. Available in a kit and comes with three small tubes; Step 1 is the Pore Heating Gel, Step 2 Nose Pack ( peel off type) and step 3 is Pore Tightening Cream. 

Woman-In-Digital It's Skin Black Head Clear Kit

They also have a Miracle Eye lash liner and mascara essence. 


It's Skin offers Dermatologist-prescribed (from the Seoul University) clinical skin solutions to help consumers achieve their ideal skin. They have skincare products fit for every skin type. 


I received a prestige trial kit with toner, lotion, cream and BB Cream. I was actually wearing the BB Cream this afternoon. 


Here's my photo wearing the It's Skin BB Cream included in the trial kit. I am happy to say that there's no heaviness on my face. It serves its purpose of providing enough coverage.  Just like most BB Creams providing tinted moisturizers, It's Skin leaves a glow on my face. Hopefully, with continues application it won't dry my skin and cause itchiness. Although I never had skin allergies in the past itchiness remains the number one problem when trying a new skin product that don't fit my skin. 

It's Skin!

It's Skin
3rd Floor, Main Building

I also received the M. D. Formula Nutritious BB Cream, will post my review soon. You might want to know my experience with this product so keep coming back. 


  1. Sis, I want to try it, too! Do you have an idea how much is their SCULPT SKIN Vibrating Foundation and BB Cream?

  2. Around 2K sis.. You may visit the store located at SM North EDSA. :)


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