Farm Tour: The Garden of Life Organic Farm in Benguet

Will you choose hard work in a farm or a busy corporate world? One thing is for sure...a lot of us daydream of having our own farm.

Benguet: The Garden of Life Organic Farm
The Garden of Life Organic Farm in Benguet
During our recent trip in La Trinidad Benguet few weeks ago, I met someone who didn't grow up farming. He earned a degree in Commerce, an alternative medicine now an organic practitioner, Mr. Felix Tan is the owner of the Garden of Life Organic Farm located in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Benguet: The Garden of Life Organic Farm
with Mr. Felix Tan, owner of the "Garden of Life Organic Farm"
Even without formal education in organic agriculture but with the good intention promoting healthy lifestyle by growing healthy organic food, Mr. Tan became successful in organic farming. With the help and support of his mentor, Mr. Pat Acosta who owns the Master's Garden, he started the Garden of Life Organic Farm.

Benguet: The Garden of Life Organic Farm

The crops being grown in his 1,500 square meter land includes wheat grass, tatsoi, carrots, cherry tomato, celery, basil, spinach and several herbs.

It has UV protection roof too! The green vegetables were warm and relaxing to the eyes. The farm is so organize, neat and well-taken care by him and his workers.

Benguet: The Garden of Life Organic Farm

The Garden of Life is focused on producing anticancer vegetables, raw eaten vegetables; majority are wheat grass; katsoy (another variety of pechay) and sugar beets (4x higher in protein compared to meat).

Wheat Grass at Benguet: The Garden of Life Organic Farm
Wheat Grass
It was my first time to see a DORA plant which has a very strong aroma. He said it's good for liver disease and act as a blood cleanser. There's rosemary and serpentina "the king of bitters" and is said to be a herbal medicine.

Dora Plant at The Garden of Life Organic Farm
Dora Plant
The Lily of the Valley, The Master's Garden and the Garden of Life has its own compost area. He adds generous amount of compost to his crops so it would grow healthy.

Compost Area
Compost Area
Our trip to the Garden of Life Farm is quite different. Mr. Tan who's into alternative medicine explained the benefits of organic vegetables and herbs to certain health problems. The four organic farms we visited were all amazing and provides a unique experience. The Garden of Life highlights organic vegetables and herbs for specific health problems.

There's a handful of organic medicinal herbs such as...

Wheat Grass - has a lot of nutrients
Dora Plant - good for liver and act as blood cleanser
Sugar Beets - high in protein
Stevia - sweetener
Rosemary - prevents infection and improves healing

I would love to tell the stories of local farmers who grows organic crops through words and photographs, I hope you'll join me on this journey. Let me know if also visited an organic farm, what was your experience?

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Benguet: The Garden of Life Organic Farm
Sunset in Benguet

The Garden of Life Organic Farm

La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines

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