Farm Tour: Discovering Sagada Organic Coffee Farm

I'm happy with a lot of coffee shops sprouting left and right within Metro Manila. From all-time favourites to well-known brands celebrating grand launches. All of them came out in the busy city, inside huge establishments but I would still want to experience sipping freshly brewed coffee at Sagada organic coffee farm.
Sagada Organic Coffee Farm

Sagada Coffee served at the Mayor's Office
Sagada Coffee
On our trip to Sagada sometime in July or 2013, we were keen to learn sustainable organic coffee farms in the province.

Mountain Tea with Milk at Sagada Lemon Pie House
Mountain Tea with Milk at Sagada Lemon Pie House
We were served with a great tasting coffee at ATI-CAR dormitory. It's a rich, dark and smooth Benguet coffee we enjoyed during the entire stay in Sagada not only during breakfast but almost every after meal.

Important Reminders When Going to Sagada

Before that, let me tell you about our road trip all the way the mountain province. From Benguet, it was a full 7 hours of dizziness and nausea passing by zigzag road heading Sagada, Mountain Province where the fourth and last, organic farm is located. My suggestion in case you would plan to visit Sagada is prepare your body by having enough rest and sleep prior to the trip. Bring anti-dizziness medication but I prefer essential oils and balms. I also bought my own sarong and cover myself while asleep. A thermos with hot water or coffee since there's no convenient store along the way. Take vitamins as well and bring light snacks like sandwich, NO unhealthy chips and junk food. It will make you feel more nauseated and dizzy.

Zig Zag Road to Sagada
Road Trip to Sagada

Mountain Province

Rice Terraces

Around Sagada

Of course, we passed by tourists' spots - a quick stop and some photo souvenirs at the Highest Peak Philippine HighwayThe group enjoyed the wonderful sunrise view even if some of us were having headache and dizziness. But before we went for a courtesy call at the Mayor's office, we passed by Bontoc Museum.

sidetrip in Sagada here:

Organic Coffee Farm in Sagada

Sagada coffee is also known as mountain coffee because it grows in areas where temperature ranges between 15-24 degree Celsius all year round. Mountain Province has been considered a habitat for growing Arabica coffee.
Mr. Osenio Lay-Os of Sagada Organic Coffee Farm
Mr. Osenio Lay-Os has owned a backyard coffee plantation in Barangay Bangaa shared his experience in growing coffee Arabica for several years. Like other organic farms we featured on this blog, Mr. Lay-Os has compost area where he placed wild plants and grass to make compost. 

But is there really a big difference between conventionally grown coffee and organic coffee? We've heard a lot of terms describing coffee - dark, medium, light but today there is a new name, it's called organic coffee which are richer and has pure aroma. Farmers do not use harmful chemicals or pesticide that controls the growth and production of coffee unlike organic farms that follows the natural growth of coffee. 

Sagada Organic Coffee Farm
Sagada Organic Coffee
Farm tour is fun wearing comfy Mojo Slipper
Farm tour is more fun wearing comfy Kawai' a-non Mojo Slipper!

Mr. Lay-Os also grows locally grown pear and passion fruit in his farm. 

locally grown pear
Locally grown Pear
passion fruit
Sagada Passion Fruit
passion fruit
Sagada Passion Fruit

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With the demand on coffee, there's really a need for production. Ideally, organic coffee should be cheaper than non-organic because farmers don't have to spend thousands of pesos for the chemicals and pesticide. Perhaps, if the demand for organic coffee rises, farmers will produce organic coffee more and eventually the price per pack of organic coffee will become reasonable, every Filipino can afford. Everyone deserves delicious, rich organic coffee at the comfort of their home. 


  1. I have been to Sagada multiple times already but this is something I totally missed the organic coffee of Sagada. Hopefully, when I get back there I will make sure to drop by at their organic coffee farm :D

  2. I'd like a nature experience like this in Sagada too. It's one of the key locations I haven't visited.

  3. I want to try a nature experience at Sagada too. The place is just such a nice place to visit.

  4. II have always wanted to go to Sagada. And I so love passion fruit! Sobra! It's great to know that Philippine coffee is still alive in that part of the country. Sana lang mas mag-prosper pa sya.

  5. I'm not a coffee lover at all, but my fiance will love to go to see that organic coffee farm. Anyway, I love the landscape and the pears. I never saw a pear like that one. It should be delicious :D

  6. Oh coffee. I wish I could have more of that. :( While I'm reading your post, I can smell the aroma. :p But sadly, I'm palpitating whenever I drink coffee. :)

  7. I just love coffee!!!
    I wonder if I can grow my own coffee in our backyard lol.

  8. A trip to Sagada is definitely a must for me and my family, maybe I have to wait for my youngest to grew up a little more. Hehe. I don't really drink coffee but my wife will enjoy this recommendation.

  9. I was just talking to a blogger friend and another long-time friend of mine about what fruits to eat for the Ideal Protein Diet. Somewhere in the conversation, passion fruit was mentioned. Haven't tried it and can't remember

  10. Hi! Do you have Mr. Osenio's number? or any contact person for the coffee farm tour? thanks!

  11. Bring your wife to a coffee farm, she will enjoy the tour. The coffee itself was a great experience. :)


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