L'Occitane On Our 8th Month

Last night, I received a surprise wedding monthsary gift from my husband who's hiding inside one of our built-in cabinet. Yes, he loves surprising me, teasing me and at times scaring me!   

It was midnight or October 9, I'm worried to shout when he came out from where he was hiding. Lol!

I did not stop calling his name and he probably noticed I started to feel uneasy..he came from our cabinet casually - he did not surprised to the extent of scaring me, he just handed me a set of L'occitane as a 8th month wedding anniversary gift and kiss me.

Wow! I love the scent of L'occitane and that's why I also like staying at Dusit Thani because their toiletries are L'occitane. But most of all, I love the way he treated me specially. I have to admit that I'm the one who forgets our anniversary, it happened several times because I'm a bit busy. Husband might forget many things but never our anniversary even during our girlfriend-boyfriend year. 

This morning, he posted on Instagram one of our favorite wedding photos and made a poem for me. 

one of our favorite wedding pictures

"She makes me smile, she makes me cry,
I do the same, at least I try.
She kisses my soul, she hugs my heart,
My love for her will ne'er depart.
On our 8th cycle of the moon,
I'll continue to sweep your heart in swoon." 
- a poem by @joneluy for @livingmarjorney
 #Throwback #Throwbackthursday #tbt #weddings #love 

What the poems says is definitely true. Although, there were times we hurt each other we also forgive and accept each others' weaknesses. I am not perfect likewise, he's not but what's important is to continue loving each other, putting God in the center of our relationship.

How about you? Do you have a romantic story to share? Would love to hear, why don't leave it in a comment section below?

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