Discover the Farmacy at Rapha Valley Organic Farm in Negros

My recent farm tour in the beautiful town of Don Salvador Benedicto in Negros Occidental was an eye opening. I've been into several organic farms in the Philippines, heard a lot of scary stories about cancer and other diseases. It was in this farm tour with Dr. Jo both gave me a goose bump, fear, and hope. If only I've met him earlier, I might probably have brought grandma in his expansive FARMacy (farm and pharmacy) and try natural ways to fight lung cancer.

Rapha Valley Organic Farm in Negros
Rapha Valley Organic Farm in Negros
I used to think food are just for nourishment. It helps knowing that these could actually work as a medicine for a healthy, sick or even the dying. Why did I said that? I found medicinal herbs and food that could make our body strong and fight certain diseases like cancer.

Dr. Albert Jo and His Rapha Valley Organic Farm
Rapha Valley Organic Farm in Negros with variety of herbs and crops
Dr. Albert Jo and His Rapha Valley Organic Farm
Rapha Valley staff welcome us and serves refreshing cold towels
Dr. Albert Jo and His Rapha Valley Organic Farm
Welcome are of the Rapha Valley Farm

Rapha Valley Organic Farm is said to be one of the favorite destinations when in Bacolod especially for people who are searching for natural ways in treating cancer and other lifestyle diseases by eating organic and naturally grown food. Aside from the food, visitors will be awe in a picturesque view of the mountain. It's also the destination of choice for people who are sick and searching for cure through detoxification and healthy diet? We were told that many terminal ill patients with cancer and other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, lupus, hypertension etc. Dr. Alberto Jo makes fresh, organic food specially curated for people with various diseases and illnesses.

It took us an hour to reach the town of Salvador Benedicto, the summer capital of Negros Occidental. Medyo malayo but it's all worth the time, effort and cost of traveling to Negros.

Dr. Albert Jo Rapha Valley Organic Farm
Dr Albert Jo of Rapha Valley Farm
Dr. Albert Jo and His Rapha Valley Organic Farm

We were greeted with Dr. Jo's staff carrying herbal scented cold towels and lead us to his welcome area where he started introducing himself and his advocacy.

Dr. Albert Jo and His Rapha Valley Organic Farm
meatless dinuguan and cashew dip
Not too long, his friendly waiters started serving us a mixture of carrots and jack fruit as a welcome drink and black puto with bloodless, meatless dinuguan and cashew dip.

Dr. Albert Jo and His Rapha Valley Organic Farm
Dr. Albert Jo "your food is your medicine, so take it fresh".
After a few bites of puto with dinuguan and cashew dip and a few sips of fresh juice, I felt something's wrong in my tummy - a sudden attack of hyperacidity.  No abdominal pain, just felt the acid and the next thing happened - I was vomiting. On a positive note, I was relieved after the release of acids from my body.

Dr. Albert Jo and His Rapha Valley Organic Farm

I went back listening to Dr. Jo's testimonies and learned that his eye problem was healed with the health benefits of spinach. Now, he's seeing clearly with a 20/20 vision, all because of spinach. He said "your food is your medicine, so take it fresh".

He's a doctor of medicine turned Integrated Practitioner and organic farmer. Today, he spends most of his time educating the people by giving lectures, talks about health problems in relation to the food we eat. He also brought us down the valley and explained each and every plants we passed by.

Rapha Valley Farm recommended destination for cancer patients
organic asparagus
Rapha Valley Dr Jo
organic Carrot leaves
Dr. Jo Alternative Medicine
Must Visit in Negros Occidental
Benefits of Organic Vegetables
Thyme leaves
Mint soothes the throat
Mint leaves
the benefits of turmeric
organic turmeric rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
Woman In Digital Travel Blogger
Hanging and vertical plants
We enjoyed walking down the hills into the terraces and met various culinary plants, herbs and medicinal plants. The farm has several composting area and he applies natural decomposting.

Up next! We have stories about red rice and muscovado piaya from Fresh Start Organic Farm and probiotic swine at Penalosa Farm. I'm sure you're starving for more organic food/dish and wants to do some detox.

The Rapha Valley Organic Farm and Restaurant

Visiting a farm has never been boring. Not only that you would eat vegetable and talbos (sprout). Rapha Valley's cozy restaurant overlooking the entire farm with an awesome view of Salvador Benedicto. The place so relaxing, the air fresh and clean, less noise except for Dr. Jo who's not getting tired of giving us lecture about the food.

The food was very good, even the way they present it was very appealing. Imagine eating fresh and pesticide-free meal. They have a handful of ingredients for the green salad.

Rapha Valley Restaurant
Rapha Valley Restaurant

We had two kinds of pasta dishes; green salad with a choice of vinaigrette with toasted sesame seed and guyabano dressing. It was my first time to have gumamela juice with kalamansi, the taste was okay.

Green Salad at Rapha Valley Restaurant
Green Salad at Rapha Valley Restaurant
Salad Station

Healthy Pasta Sauce Recipe

A delicious jar of special pasta sauces made of organic vegetables and herbs. One is the tomato, herbs and black olives while the other jar has shitake mushroom with parsley sauce.

Shitake Mushroom Pasta Dish
Squash Cake and Tarragon Tea
Squash Cake and Tarragon Tea
The squash carrot cake with cashew in honey puree matched my tarragon tea. 

Turmeric Creme Brulee
Turmeric Creme Brulee

What seemed unfamiliar for most of us turned to be my favorite dessert, Turmeric creme brulee.

About 2-3 groups of visitors from different parts of the country come every week for a dose of organic food. When in Negros Occidental, take time to visit Dr. Jo and his farm, I promise, it's worth your time.

I concluded that the sickness I suddenly felt and the cause of vomiting was due to my intake of organic food. Perhaps my body was adjusting with the food I had since my arrival in Bacolod. The black puto especially the herbal juice (carrots + jack fruit) released the toxins and balances my acidic tummy. Now, I am trying to add 1 kalamansi in every glass of water. I just learned that kalamansi has alkaline property and good for people suffering from hyperacidity like me.

In every place you'll go, there's something new to discover....

Things I learned during my visit at Rapha Valley Organic Farm
  • White Rice will give you nothing because all the nutrients are already washed away. Red and brown rice are even better and nutritious. 
  • Camote is the best substitute for rice. Just this morning, we had kamote (sweet potato) for breakfast. Because it's high in fiber, kamote helps release toxins in your GI system, it sweeps all the toxins out of our body causing flatulence. :)
  • Camote is rich in carbohydrates, Vitamin A and other minerals. It's also an antioxidant. A boiled camote with the skin on is quivalent to 14% protein , 7,700 IU of Vitamin A. 
  • Green Vegetables alkalizes our body so I must include it in my daily food intake. I'm trying, in fact I included organic vegetables in our weekly grocery. 
  • Dr. Jo shared a recipe for detoxification. It's made up of 1L of water + 20 pcs kalamansi + cayenne pepper + molasses (available at Healthy Options). Fasting could be done in three days. Release of toxins should be done slowly every year. 
  • Carrot juice is good in preventing and fighting cancer. 
  • 3 Herbal Medicines he mentioned includes Basil, Lemongrass, Turmeric

Rapha Valley Organic Farm
Don Salvador Benedicto
Negros Occidental

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  1. WOW nalula mata sa pagbasa sa blog miss marj na amaze ako sa lugar ang ganda tapos puro sila organic now ko lang nalaman na pwede palang gawing juice ang gumamela juice with kalamansi..TAs yung mga pagkain ang sasarap puro mga organic...How i wish maka punta din ako jan someday miss marj..


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