Mario's Sunday Lunch Buffet

Three weeks ago, husband and I joined a small group of bloggers over a superb lunch at Mario's in Tomas Morato. Since our date fell on a Sunday, we attended the 9 AM church service at Grace Christian Church instead of the regular 11 AM. It was also my first time to hear a Chinese Sunday service.

Mario's Sunday Buffet Lunch

Mario's Sunday Buffet Lunch

I've been passing by Mario's in Tomas Morato but I can't remember dining in. I've heard they are serving good Cesar salad and steaks.

Mario's Caesar salad, Photo by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
Mario's Caesar Salad
The restaurant cozy and comfortable. It reminded me of our Sunday get-together hosted by grandma with the whole family present.

I started with warm Tuscan White Bean and Garlic Soup. They have about four types of appetizers; assorted sushi, blooming onion, croquettas de atun and the irresistible oysters Rockefeller. I told myself will only consume two or three, but it taste really good so I had five.

Mario's Sunday Buffet Lunch
Oysters Rockefeller, Blooming onion, Croquettas de atun
oysters Rockefeller
oysters Rockefeller
Assorted Sushi, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
Assorted Sushi
Caesar salad was one of the favorite topic on our table. So, the moment they place it on our table we're rejoicing! Wonderful!  

Mario's Caesar Salad
Aside from Mario's Caesar, included in the buffet are Mixed Greens with a choice of Thousand Island Dressing and Balsamic Vinaigrette; Cucumber Dill; Chicken, Pineapple and Macaroni salad.

Mario's Sunday Buffet Lunch
Cucumber Dill
Mixed Greens with the choice of Thousand Island Dressing and Balsamic Vinaigrette
Mixed Greens with a choice of Thousand Island Dressing and Balsamic Vinaigrette
For entree, we had Tomato and Safron Fish; Honey and lemon glazed roast chicken and beef penang. If your health status permits, then indulge into mouth-watering roast beef and Cochinillo.

Mario's Cochinillo, Photo by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
Mario's Cochinillo
Mario's Sunday Buffet Lunch
Roast Beef
Mario's Sunday Buffet Lunch
Arroz Con Pollo
Mario's Sunday Buffet Lunch
Tomato and Safron Fish and Cheesy Baked Eggplant
Pasta lovers would find comfort with the pasta dishes - Balsamic Tomato, chorizo fettuccine and creamy tuna pasta. I personally like the latter because of its creaminess. 

Balsamic Tomato Chorizo Fettuccine & Creamy Tuna Pasta, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
Balsamic Tomato Chorizo Fettuccine (right) and Creamy Tuna Pasta (left)
Vegetables such as deviled potatoes and cheesy baked eggplant were all delightful

Mario's deviled potatoes, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

Rice variety including Arroz con pollo, ham and egg fried rice and steamed pandan rice.

Finally, here's my favorite part of the meal, dessert! I was so delighted with their KeyLime Pie. It reminded me of Sagada Lemon pie House, although they were not exactly the same. Mario's KeyLime Pie is refreshingly good and creamy. I think it's just me who finished a slice of lemon pie, others just half of a slice. I would definitely come back for more!

KeyLime Pie, Photo by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
KeyLime Pie
By the way, KeyLime Pie is not included in the lunch buffet but you can order it separately for only P150. There are assorted bakeshop delights and the chocolate fountain kids will enjoy. 

Mario's Sunday Buffet Lunch

Mario's Sunday Buffet Lunch

Mario's Sunday Buffet Lunch

Mario's Sunday Buffet Lunch

With bloggers Chuckie and wife Yen, Gerry, Jonel and Me!

Sunday Lunch Buffet P750+ (adult) and P580+ (kids)

Mario's Restaurant Quezon City
191 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Gandia
Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: (632) 415-3887

There are many reasons why I should come back. First, the tasty Caesar salad. The vegetables are fresh and mixed with awesome salad dressing. Second, the Oyster Rockefeller, pleasing to the palata! Third, Keylime pie was so divine! Fourth, the tasty, meat-tender Cochinillo. How about you, have you tried Mario's Sunday Lunch Buffet? It's a nice place to gather with the whole family.


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