Starting A Married Life

Time flies like an arrow! Yesterday, we celebrated our 9th  month wedding anniversary. I can't believe that three months from now we're on our 1st year anniversary as husband and wife.

Garden Wedding Ceremony
Exchange of Vows

Our Love Story! 

It was my birthday when Jonel asked me to marry him. A nice place in Singapore called Lantern, Fullertone Bay Hotel to be exact.

Wedding Proposal at Lantern, Fullertone Bay Hotel in Singapore
Wedding Proposal at Lantern, Fullertone Bay Hotel in Singapore
Of course the change in status, from being single to married comes a lot of challenges. I must say that I'm blessed to have a wonderful, God-fearing, humble and loving husband. He's a gift from God. 

Like any other girls, my wedding was a dream come true. From souvenirs to escort cards, I made them all. Our exchange of vows happened in a garden Christian wedding ceremony.

Golden Hills Wedding Rings
After the wedding, we started fixing our house and moved in mid of April. Starting a new life together as husband and wife. Slowly we shared each others' differences. Although there were times our life was like a roller coaster ride. We're not perfect though, just like other couples, there were times when we disagree with each other. At the end of the day, with God's grace, we find comfort at each others arms.

MARJONEL Wedding Entourage
(L-R My friend Vicky, sister-in law Jamie, half-sister Charlaine, cousin Mika, friend Aylin and younger sister and Bride's Maid Tina)

Our Home!

During our simple house warming ceremony, we had Max's food delivered at home to share to all our guests. I decided to order our food so I have more time with the guest. Come in and take a look at our humble abode. 



Starting A Married Life
The Living Room
Starting A Married Life
Dining Area
We kept our silver wedding coins in a pretty mahogany wooden frame courtesy of Endless TreasureAs a blogger couple, we're fond of sharing our stories and photos, attending events like product launches. It's my passion to share good and inspiring stories. Well, he's three times busier than I. I quit my online job and decline a job offer abroad without any doubt. I'm grateful for the blessings coming to our family! Not to mention, how I enjoy my role as a wife and free lance blogger. I quit my job as part-time hotel nurse and private duty nurse and focused on blogging which I find joy working with my husband and brands.

On the other hand, husband wears different hats. There are days he works at a local college teaching IT. The next day he's a blogger, then he's a social media consultant. He's also an event organizer. How do you think he handles all these things? Sometimes, I worry on his health, especially when he goes to bed very late.

As a wife I try to maintain a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere at home. A small space for his home office where he could work comfortably. Nutritious and tasty meal on time. On school days he has his "baon" or pack lunch and light snack. Most of all, I gave him food supplement, such as Circulan, a complete vitamins and minerals to boost immune system and fights illnesses. I'm happy, my efforts were not wasted. Many have noticed weight gain and improved skin tone that's because of proper blood circulation. He rarely get sick, too.

Circulan Pangakong Kalusugan, Pangakong Circulan
Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, I can't take care my loved ones if I myself is not physically fit. Husband is a bit strict when it comes to food. I just can't resist chocolates, pastries and coffee though. For some funny reasons, I don't take food supplements. It's just so hard to swallow those huge vitamins. This coming 2014, I promised myself to double the effort for healthy lifestyle. Just like him, I'll take Circulan. It has Hawthorn Berry for a healthy heart; Ginkgo Biloba for the arteries; Garlic Oil for blood and Lemon Balm.

They work synergistically with one another to help improve the entire Circulatory System of the body, with anti-oxidants Flavonoids, Biflavonoids, and the powerful Proanthocyandin Oligamers which is 50 times more potent than Vitamin E and 20 times better than Vitamin C that protects healthy cells from Free Radical damage with anti-carcinogenic effects.

Jonel bought me Go Fit exercise equipment and a pair of support brassiere at Brooks. I've been wanting to join aerobics in our barangay, hopefully I'll find time to visit and register.

It's my passion to stay #healthy and always look good.
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How about you, what are your health plans for year 2014? Do you plan a change in lifestyle? Have you tried Circulan? Let's talk!


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