Honda Celebrates 40 Years in the Philippines

When we visited Puerto Princesa, we toured the city by motorcycle also called 'tricycle'. It was a budget-friendly way of getting around tourists spots along Puerto Princesa.

Budget-friendly tour in Puerto Princesa
Our reliable and friendly tour guide, Kuya Melvin and his Honda Motorcycle at Puerto Princesa, Palawan

To be honest, I'm not really comfortable riding a motorcycle. In my previous job, I would hire one from MRT Ayala going to the hospital where I used to work. That was about five years ago, when there were few jeepneys traveling by 11 pm. Today, albeit all the changes in Fort Bonifacio, you'll find motorcycles near Ayala MRT station waiting for passengers.

During our recent road trips, I found out the beauty of this transport. There are places that can't be reach by a four-wheel vehicle thus you need a motorcycle or scooter.

Honda Celebrates 40 Years in the Philippines

Fast forward 2014, last night I attended the "Honda Thank You Day" held at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. I wasn't surprise to see a huge crowd of motorcycle enthusiasts. It was a great opportunity for us to scan Honda's latest line of motorcycles. 
The event was hosted by Drew Arellano. A day before the event, Honda, the country's leading motorcycle manufacturer and distributor held the “Great Northern Tour” (Jan. 25-26). With over a hundred Honda riders trailed the northern part of the country from Manila to Baguio and back to prove Honda motorcycles top the way in fuel economy.

Honda Celebrates 40 Years in the Philippines

Riders enjoyed the rewarding experience as they were given an opportunity to set their own milestone with their Honda motorcycles, all built-to-last because of their renowned toughness, sporty appeal and powerful performance. Some of them were recognized and even took home cash prizes! 

It was a grand celebration as HPI commemorates its 40th anniversary in the Philippines producing 4 millionth motorcycle unit. Honda also launch their latest innovative line of motorcycles, the Zoomer X!

Honda Celebrates 40 Years in the Philippines
Executives of Honda Phil. Inc (HPI)

Zoomer X motorbikes, is the latest from Honda’s innovative line of motorcycles. I'm not a pro when it comes to motorcycles and other vehicles so here are the features:

  • Trendy, economic, and steady model. 
  • Built in stylish and futuristic octagon-shaped headlight
  • An Inverted Front Shock with upside-down shock absorbers for optimal cornering and stability (the first in its category)
  • A powerful and fuel efficient PGM Fi110cc engine
  • Flexible U-Box compartment
  • 12-inch tubeless tires for better absorption and cornering confidence. 

Honda Zoomer X, by LivingMarjorney

Honda Zoomer X comes in Nitric Orange and Textites Black Metallic available in HPI’s wide network of partner-dealers in the country. 

So which Zoomer X do you like? I love the vibrant and stylish Nitric Orange, the Black Metallic is classic though.


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