Fast, Effective, Pain Relief Panadol with Optizorb

I woke up with a painful right ear. I can't remember what had happened that could possibly cause this pain. There was also a slight swelling on the right side of my face, just below the right ear (mandibular area). It was Chinese New Year and we're going to Manila Hotel to join the festivity. I silently remained on the bedside not wanting to disturb my husband. I thought I'll be needing a fast relief not because we're leaving but I wanted to treat/prevent further inflammation and get rid of pain so I took one (1) Panadol with Optizorb® tablet.

Panadol® with Optizorb®, by LivingMarjorney
Panadol® with Optizorb®

How do you treat headache and muscle pain? As for me, I usually take paracetamol, eat and rest. So, if there's one drug that is always available at home, it would definitely be Paracetamol and Efficascent Oil or any relaxing/soothing balm. I used to have OrySpa!

Headache starts on neck and back area, where muscle stiffness is also present. If I ignore it, few more minutes pain worsens and I could not work anymore. I would just go to bed and sleep. With severe pain, there were times I could hardly sleep then I would feel nauseated. Do you have the same experience? Good thing though I easily react to medications, I mean therapeutically. So, it has been a habit to take pain relievers at the onset of pain. We're lucky there are paracetamols and other over-the-counter  pain relievers available in the market. Soothing pain-reliefs such as oils, creams and balms are also helpful.
Few hours after taking Panadol

Panadol by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is one of the world’s leading paracetamol-based pain relievers which is sold in more than 85 countries. Last year alone, 15 billion (paracetamol) Panadol® tablets were sold worldwide.

Panadol® with Optizorb®

Remember the pain I was telling you? I watched the clock after taking a tablet of Panadol. It was actually effective and renders fast relief. Although pain is subjective and each of us reacts differently to pain what I experienced might be different to you. Here's why I like Panadol. 

1. Fast: Panadol® with Optizorb® is the only paracetamol brand with the unique Optizorb® disintegration system which allows the release of its medicine in as little as  five (5) minutes vs. regular paracetamol tablets.

2. Safe: Panadol® with Optizorb® also has the broad suitability associated with standard paracetamol.
  • With paracetamol, it also helps to reduce fever. It is also a good choice of pain reliever for people with sensitive stomachs, stomach ulcers and other stomach disorders.  It's  also safe to pregnant and lactating mothers. It also works in patients with chronic pain. 
3. Packaging: (paracetamol) Panadol® with Optizorb® comes in 36 x 10s dispenser box and at SRP of P32.00. Panadol will be available at all leading drugstores nationwide, starting February 2014.

Panadol® is a paracetamol based analgesic and provides fast, effective temporary relief of pain and discomfort associated with: headache, tension headache, period pain, cold and flu symptoms, migraine headache, muscular aches, arthritis/osteoarthritis, backache, and toothache.


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