Live Well By Being Sore Throat Free!

Who's suffering from frequent sore throat, raise your hand? I used to have frequent sore throat (3-4 times a year) until college days to the point I considered a surgical procedure called tonsillectomy. So thankful for lozenges and antibacterial mouthwash readily available in the market. Fighting early signs of sore throat includes increasing fluid intake, rest and having Strepsils during attack. Today, I live well by being sore throat free! 

There are many factors why our tonsils inflamed. One is due to bacteria and viruses; stress, when immune system goes down. Too much consumption of sweets, sugary food is another factor.  

Strepsils Live Well, by LivingMarjorney
Soothing, Cool, Orange with Vitamins and Warm Sensation Variants of Strepsils

Few days ago, I attended Strepsils ‘Live Well’ campaign featuring celebrity mom and health advocate, Maricel Laxa Pangilinan.

Strepsils Live Well, by LivingMarjorney

It was an intimate event held at M.Cafe. Tracy Abad, radio DJ and event host, and Dr. Ceasar Mejia, accomplished Otolaryingologist/ENT were present to give guests an overview about tonsillitis. They taught us what to do when an itchy throat starts distracting our everyday life.

We enjoyed healthy and scrumptious meal at M.Cafe.

Mommy Maricel Laxa said that in order to stay healthy, she makes sure that her whole family drinks enough water, gets plenty of rest and even has Strepsils handy all the time.

There are people who disregard sore throats as something they have to bear with until their cough, colds or flu develops. But a sore throat can easily become a serious thing. A lot of people don’t know that a sore throat comes from bacterial or viral infection. It can also be caused by environmental factors, as well as voice misuse, smoking and sudden changes in temperature,” said Dr. Ceasar Mejia
 “Strepsils is capable of deep-down, long-lasting relief from sore throats,” Mejia said. “It contains two powerful ingredients – Amylmetacresol and Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol – delivered gently in a lozenge. It also relieves pain in as fast as five minutes and provides relief of up to two hours, as studies would prove.”
Strepsils Variants: Soothing, Cool, Orange with Vitamins, Strepsils Max and Warm Sensation. 

Strepsils Live Well, by LivingMarjorney

The new Strepsils Warm, the newest variant of Strepsils contains ginger and provides a warming, comforting sensation which is perfect for Tracy, events host and radio DJ and those who are in the same field of work.

Strepsils Live Well, by LivingMarjorney

We should not take it for-granted, frequent sore throats could lead to a more serious illness. I've been using Strepsils for years and seen how effective it is. At home, we make sure we always have supply of this therapeutic lozenges. Available in major drugstores, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Fight the early signs of sore throat, keep Strepsils on hand! 

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