"Sisa" at the Lopez Museum

Complicated, the latest exhibition at the Lopez Museum and Library features three young artists that talks about the complex relationship of the Philippines with its colonial past.

'Complicated' at the Lopez Museum
'Complicated' at the Lopez Museum

How 'complicated' is a work of art? How much thought is required? 

It was my _nth time at the Lopez Museum and Library yet each time I got to visit the gallery it never fails to amuse me with its new and interesting pieces. I was surprised to discover new installations, conceptualism, work of art from our very own young Filipino artists.

Recently, I met three young artists, they were featured in Lopez Museum's current exhibition dubbed "Complicated" featuring Leslie De Chavez, Mike Adrao and Ea Torrado.

"Complicated", the exhibition showcase the larger-than-life anthropomorphic pillars of Mike Adrao, the acerbic cultural commentary works of Leslie de Chavez and the Choreographer Ea Torrado's video installation based on the frantic search of Jose Rizal's Sisa and reflections on the museum's iconic Espana y Filipinas by Juan Luna.

Each pieces is unique and catches the heart and soul of those who appreciate arts in all its form.

Leslie De Chavez: The King and I Just Can't Stop Loving You

'Complicated' at the Lopez Museum

'Complicated' at the Lopez Museum

The installation is obviously about the late Michael Jackson. The continues water flow represents self-reflection. 

'Complicated' at the Lopez Museum

Mike Adrao's Pillars (Charcoal on Paper) is a collection of art pieces beautifully placed along the hallway of the museum

'Complicated' at the Lopez Museum

Mike is interested in patterns and details. The meaning of pillars reflects the condition of the country. Notice, the image of a man with layers that covers the whole body except the face and the hands. Like him, we may give different meaning of what we see based on our personal experiences.  

'Complicated' at the Lopez Museum

Ea Torrado's SISA, a video installation. The dance interprets Sisa (in the past) who's searching for her missing children and the victims of violence and extrajudicial killings in our history. 

'Complicated' at the Lopez Museum

'Complicated' at the Lopez Museum

Here's a short video of Ea Torrado's Sisa. Visit the Lopez Museum and reflect on the full video installation. 

Among the three, I was caught by the meaningful dance performance by Ea Torrado and Mike Adrao's Pillar. Both plays the role of art in today's society and gives a clear connection between the past and present. 

For more information, visit the Lopez Museum and Library or log on to lopez-museum.com

Complicated at the Lopez Museum will run from February 21 to August 2, 2014
Artist Talk 2-4 pm
Mike Adrao - March 1, 2014
Ea Torrado - March 17, 2014
Leslie De Chavez - July 5, 2014


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