A Medical Spa!

Zen Institute: A Medical Spa!
About a week ago, I went to the opening of Zen Institute Medical Spa located in Scout Rallos and very near Tomas Morato Circle.

We've seen a lot of spas mushrooming all over the metro and even in different regions in the country where tourists spots are located. Each offers a unique way of pampering. Zen Institute is not an ordinary spa, it's a medical spa built to beautifully hone our beauty. It's a spa that blends with fitness and programs fit for most Asian. After several years of research and study, Dra Torres finally put up a spa where her patients can relax.

Zen Institute: A Medical Spa!

Zen Institute: A Medical Spa!

ZEN Institute chief executive officer and founder Dr. Mary Jane Torres reveals that very essence, the foundation that makes a medical spa – 
"truly a medical spa is if it is able to fuse, blend, integrate without cutting corners the four elements. "
During the event, Dra Torres explained the four (4) Pillars of a True Medical Spa. For you to easily understand and choose what services you need, the four pillars are listed below:

Aesthetics includes Facial contouring, Hair treatments, Body sculpting and Skin rejuvenation

Lifestyle includes Nutritional programs, Fitness programs (Yoga/Zumba/Rip60) and Counselling 

Pampering including Spa, Anti-ageing and Weight Management

Integrative such as Colonics, I.V. Nutrition and Detox 

Zen Institute: A Medical Spa!
with Franco Laural, Miss. Cory Quirino, Giselle Sanchez
Zen Institute: A Medical Spa!
Dr. Mary Jane Torres
Zen Institute: A Medical Spa!
with Ms. Korina Sanchez and Renee Salud

What do you think of Colonics and IV Nutrition? Isn't it interesting? I have yet to experience relaxation, pampering, medical spa at the Zen Institute. How about you? Do you have Zen story? Would love to hear them, just hit the comment section. 

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Zen Institute
Quezon City Branch
No.69 Scout Rallos Street
Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Tel. Nos: (+632) 441-1712/ 412-2528
Mobile: 0917-5328992


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