Farm Tour: Weekend at Bangkong Kahoy Valley, Dolores Quezon

Situated between the majestic Mount Banahaw and Mount Cristobal lies the town famous for its organic raspberries and oyster mushrooms. Bangkong Kahoy (which means wooden bench) is the home of organic produce located just few hours away from Manila.

Weekend at Bangkong Kahoy Valley

We call our group, OA Bloggers which stands for Organic Agriculture Bloggers promoting organic agriculture in the Philippines. If I'm not mistaken, this trip is our ninth (9th) organic farm tour together with the Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Training Institute.

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) Members

Last weekend, our troupe traveled all the way to Dolores Quezon for a taste of organic and sweet raspberries; and one of the most expensive and healthy vegetables in the market, oyster mushrooms!

Mount Banahaw
my view of Mount Banahaw
Bangkong Kahoy Valley in Quezon Province
view from our room

After four hours on the road, we finally reached Bangkong Kahoy Valley with Mr. Dion Pullan, environmentalist and owner of Bangkong Kahoy Valley.

The Farm: Bangkong Kahoy Valley

Wild Raspberries Health Benefts (Sampinit)

Did you know that organic raspberries are considered as the "world's healthiest food". They are excellent in Vitamin C, Manganese, Fiber and Copper. These ruby gems are said to be high in antioxidant. Researchers are also studying the benefits of raspberries to treat obesity because of its phytonutrients. Raspberries ripens during summer no wonder why it's so expensive and are available in selected supermarkets. 

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

Moreover, the leaves of raspberries are being studied for its anti-inflammatory properties. It was amazing to see wild raspberries or more famous to the locals as 'sampinit'. I was overwhelmed picking the red gems and eat them straight from the shrubs. A wonderful experience indeed!

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

Oyster Mushrooms

Organic Oyster mushrooms go well in many dishes but they are one of the most expensive vegetables. It was a fantastic experience visiting organic farm where mushrooms are grown. The process was quite complicated though so take a look at each and every mushroom shots I took during the trip. 

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

Like raspberries, organic oyster mushrooms are rich in antioxidant and vitamins

Health Benefits of Mushroom

Surrounded by mountains, the weather in BK is cold. The fresh air, greenery and fresh food from the surrounding farm is the best escape away from the busy and polluted city.

Health Benefits of Raspberry

how to make mushroom soup
our lunch fried fish, chopsuey and mushroom soup
Pinoy adobo at the farm
Dinner: Savory Adobo, Crispy Oyster Mushroom and Mushroom Soup
Sayote Omelet, Fried egg and Tuyo
hearty breakfast: Sayote Omelet, Fried egg and Tuyo (Dried Fish) 

Raspberry at Bangkong Kahoy Valley
Raspberry Shake
We had a delicious and healthy meal comprises of crispy oyster mushrooms, clear mushroom soup, chopsuey and fried fish. I like the simple dishes, the fish which I also cook at home (paksiw then fried) so it was really tasty.

After the farm tour, we enjoyed a glass of cold raspberry shake, camote-que and taro (ube). A savory adobo was served with mushroom soup and vegetable for dinner. The next day, I had a healthy and refreshing salabat soup (not tea but soup) with sayote.

Unfortunately, we were not able to bring home some raspberries. We were told that it's best consume while fresh. The farm sells raspberry jam though. Also camote, cabbage, mushrooms and other organic vegetables at a very reasonable price.

Huge trees surrounded the farm providing shades to its guests. The farm has a great variety of wild fruits trees too!

Bangkong Kahoy Valley Accommodation

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
Accommodations in Bangkong Kahoy
Like other organic farms we visited, Bangkong Kahoy also provides great accommodation. Here's a view of our room. If you're not fancy, you may rent cottages located around the farm. 

Because it's cold in Dolores, there's a fire place inside the room. Moreover, you don't need an aircondition and electric-fan especially at night. Our suite has complete amenities including hot and cold water and clean towels, a dining or working area. There's LCD TV with cable channel too! 

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on FlickrBangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

There's a cafeteria serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

Few steps from the cafeteria, you'll find the raspberries and the mushroom plantation; a chapel and a nice view of Mount Banahaw.

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

I always look forward watching the skies as it turns to different colors. I got the chance to experience it last weekend.

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
with fellow blogger Melody 

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
early morning view, Mount Cristobal 


1. Raspberry (Sampinit) Picking
2. Camping
3. Communing with nature
4. Firefly watching
5. Zip Line
6. Bird Watching
7. Rest and Relaxation

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