KFC Crispy Chicken With Clover Chips Cheese Bits

Few weeks ago husband and I talked about meal planning. For the meantime, he's in charge of preparing the food, washing the dishes even grocery errands until I get back on my feet. I know cooking is not something you'll learn overnight specially if there's no one to supervise. Just like him, who really don't cook at all. To make life easier for all of us, we agreed he'll buy cooked meal at our favorite restaurants every time he goes to out to work. There were days, I also ordered food online. But we're blessed when mom stayed last week and prepared a dish.

I'm so thankful there's food delivery system. It was a helpful way to have our food on time especially on my second post-op week at home. My only suggestion is that you don't do it frequently and order at trusted restaurants/store branches. My favorite food delivered was spaghetti and fried chicken.

Delicious misua for dinner, prepared by my loving hubby! Follow him on IG @Joneluy

The other day, a delicious surprise came from KFC Philippines. It comes with a bucket of fried chicken, but where's the fried chicken? It's inside a huge Clover Chips bag complete with chicken rice, country gravy, mashed potato with corn and ice-cold soda! Unexpectedly, it was not my favorite KFC original fried chicken but surprised to found out a one of a kind variant. Do you still remember Clover Chips?! My husband said it was one of his favorite childhood snacks.

KFC Crispy Chicken inside a bag of Clover Chips!

Leslie's Clover Chips and KFC Philippines brings us chicken that is still finger lickin' so good now marinated and topped with real Clover Chips cheese bits. It's the new KFC Crispy Chicken. If you're a cheese lover, you should try this. I would be glad to hear your thought so be back and share your experience.

KFC Crispy Chicken With Clover Chips Cheese Bits
KFC Crispy Chicken With Clover Chips Cheese Bits

For a complete meal, enjoy this unique combination with country gravy, chicken rice and a side of mashed potato with corn and gravy for only P99.

KFC Crispy Chicken With Clover Chips Cheese Bits
KFC Crispy Chicken With Clover Chips Cheese Bits

Before I end this post, let's share our own #KFCCoCreations and KFC will try to make it a reality. Are you also in the same situation, go ahead have your KFC delivered at your doorstep, log on to https://kfcdelivery.com.ph/

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