What's your typical morning like? I woke up, thank the Lord for the blessing and the new life. Recently, I noticed a change in my sleeping pattern. I'm so eager to catch the morning sunlight and cool breeze.

6am: Preparing our breakfast and the husband's packed lunch and light snack during school days. He's a part time professor at a local college.

7am - 8am: Breakfast! We love to stay quite long at the dining table except during school days. It was also where we plan our schedules for the coming days. We talked about home, the two of us, our future kids, the recent surgery, the food we will eat, new restaurant in town, desserts. He kept reminding me about exercise and eating the right food. I'm thrilled when he started planning future trips!

8:30am : All the other things followed such as cleaning the house, doing the laundry, folding clothes.

10 am:  I start reading and responding emails, finish writing assignments and blogging while cooking for lunch.

Breakfast has been the easiest meal to prepare. Although, I admit that there were times I ran out of breakfast ideas. It's too tiring to have scrambled egg every morning! At home, we seldom have fried/steam rice for breakfast. Bread or hot pandesal plus a bowl of oatmeal would. Also, the husband prefers having banana every morning. Then, he'll drink two full glasses of warm water which he claims good to our body before he drinks a glass of milk while I savor my cup of brewed coffee with cream.


Talking about pandesal, I really missed those days when I used to live just beside a small bakery. I woke up with the smell of freshly baked pandesal. I can have pandesal anytime of the day. I can have it for breakfast and a repeat in the afternoon meryenda.

Few months ago, on our way to a popular coffee shop, we passed by an old bakeshop/bakery in Kamuning, Quezon City. Kamuning Bakery has been one of the country's oldest bakery established in 1939 selling freshly baked pan de suelo, pandesal and other familiar bakery products such as ensaymada, cheese bread, cinnamon bread and egg pie. They also have cakes like blueberry cheesecake. I was told that one of their best sellers is the pug on baked bomba at Php4 each. Unfortunately, bomba was not available when we dropped by.

1939 Kamuning Bakery
1939 Kamuning Bakery
Kamuning Bakery
Kamuning Bakery in Judge Gimenez

Kamuning Bakery
Kamuning Bakery
Kamuning Bakery
Kamuning Bakery
Kamuning Bakery
Cinnamon and Cheese Bread, Kamuning Bakery

J and I decided to spent "us time" on one corner of the bakery while having our less than P60 meryenda (snack) comprises of eggpie Php20 per slice, soft and tasty cheese bread Php8.50, sweet cinnamon bread Php12 and hot tsokolate Php20.

I think pandesal remains to be an all-time favorite breakfast of every Filipino household because it's soft, tasty and affordable. 

Kamuning Bakery
Kamuning Bakery Pan De Suelo
Hot Pan de Suelo
Even without spread, I'm okay dipping it into hot coffee. My favorite spreads are sardines and condensed milk though.

Kamuning Bakery is located at 43-A Judge Jimenez St. corner K-1st Kamuning, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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  1. Josephine T. G. AranetaTuesday, May 27, 2014 11:30:00 PM

    Interesting blog post, thanks for this article and the nice photos of this oldest pugon-style bakery.

  2. Thank you for dropping by Josephine.. :)


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