MyExperience of Electro Massage Therapy at Takshing Health Care

Longing for a relaxing massage? Or maybe you're looking for something new/different from the usual Thai, traditional Hilot or Swedish massage? There's a a healthcare and beauty center called Takshing that offers Electrotherapy Massage located along Annapolis in Greenhills.

Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center
Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center

I had the opportunity to talk to the owner, Ms. Ana King, Manager of Takshing Health Care. She said it was his father's efforts that Takshing came in the country. Searching for treatment on his medical condition, during his trip he found the benefits of electro massage and proven its effectiveness. 

Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center

Our body has nerves or stimulating nerve endings that are electrical conductors. They say small amount of electric current provides health benefits. In the past, I tried TENS (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Stimulation) to treat or provide back pain relief by stimulating the nerves. So, when a friend introduced the idea of electro massage, I wanted to try.

Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center

Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center has several branches in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Canada. Manila branch which is located in Annapolis has a pre-treatment area, another area with reclining sofas for quick treatment and several private rooms. There's a locker room, a rest room and shower room as well. Take note that the clinic only offers electric current massage and therapy.  

Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center

I've been to different spas in the Metro but this one was different basically because they offer electro massage therapy. 

A Couple's Romantic Treat at Le Spa in Sofitel Manila

Before the session, a friendly therapist soaked my feet with warm water and salt. The procedure removes or kills dirt and germs, also relaxes the tired feet. Then, they gave me a comfortable room slippers and ushered to the treatment room provided me with clean sets of towels and robe. I was advised to change my clothes and remove jewelries. They also asked if I have pacemaker, patients with this are not allowed to have electromassage therapy.  

Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center

The therapist covered my left foot with a soft cloth together with the apparatus where the current comes. The treatment started on my face, head, legs and arms. From the source, the electric current goes to her hands/fingers and then applied to me as she massage the affected area. There's no pain at all, just tingling sensation.

In the beginning, I was not comfortable with the electric current that runs through my skin. I remember requesting the therapist to adjust the level of electric current - low-lower please. I'm glad she's very friendly and observant.

Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center

Next, she massaged my right foot (while the apparatus was placed on my left). I felt the tingling sensation as she applies the electric current, again I told her to decrease the power by controlling the unit with her feet. 

Here's a closer look of the source of electricity, the electrode or electro massage apparatus. 

Electro Massage Therapy at Takshing Health Care

It took me a while before I felt comfortable. Perhaps, electro massage was not my type of massage therapy but with the benefits, it's okay once in a while. The treatment lasted an hour. 

Benefits of Electro Massage Therapy: 

  • Improve blood circulation by stimulating nerves
  • Activates Natural Pain Mechanism
  • Relaxes/Soothes tired muscles

After Treatment: 

  • Drink or increase fluid intake
  • Do not shower or take a bath six hours after treatment
  • Rest and relax

How I felt after the treatment?  I can still feel the low electric current flowing on my body immediately after the session. They advised to take a bath the following day so I went home and off to my room and sleep. During the treatment, I felt my skin cold clammy. I think toxins came out, the oldies call it "lamig" or "pasma." The next day, I'm more relaxed, there's no pain or discomfort. 

Electro Massage Therapy at Takshing Health Care
Electro Massage Therapy at Takshing Health Care

Most of their clients are patients recovering from stroke, arthritis, back pain, muscle stiffness and other medical conditions. If you're interested or want to know more about this therapy, Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center offers a free 30-minute trial session. For scheduling, please call 705-7003. Visit for more details.

Have you tried electro massage therapy or visited Takshing? I would love to hear your story, hit the comment section.

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