Wellness Festival at Robinsons Supermarket

My friends are into healthy living! They are more conscious with the food they eat, the way they look and dress. A trip to the spa has been included in their monthly schedule. They happily share experiences attending yoga and following proper diet although there were times we give in to sinfully delicious cakes and ice cream. I think it's okay to have them once in a while and in moderation.

Leading a healthy lifestyle could be hard so we're thankful for increase awareness and continuous education from the government and private sectors. Just like Robinsons Supermarket encouraging consumers to stay a healthy lifestyle by eating the right kind of food. Last week, I was at Robinsons Magnolia for the celebration of Wellness Festival.

The event was hosted by lovely, Ms. Angel Jacob.

Cheska Garcia-Kramer and family graced the event. She shared how manage the household and maintain a healthy lifestyle at home. As a mom, she makes sure the kids eat the right kind of food by preparing a well balance meal. The kids were not deprive kids of chips and chocolates though so that they would not crave for it.

Robinsons lined up activities for the day including free consultation at Unilever's Dove booth, free fat analysis, body mass index with free product samples courtesy of Nestle, Ways to Wellness at Unilever and Lipton booth. 

There's a photo booth as well.

The apparatus checks my Body Mass Index and Fat Analysis. Never mind the result. :)

Abbott makers of Ensure introduces new product, Ensure Acti M and Del Monte's Bone Smart high in Calcium. Currently, I'm taking Ensure to gain weight after surgery. It has vitamins and minerals and even taste good. I got the chocolate flavor.

“We wanted to shift the paradigm of grocery shopping, so we decided to place all our efforts behind helping consumers get the adequate attention, support and education they need to make meaningful and long-lasting improvements to their health through smart purchases,” said Jody Gadia, Robinsons Supermarket general manager.

Robinsons Shop Smart Tags

When at Robinsons Supermarket, check out the color coded  tags. Robinsons now employ “Shop Smart” tag labels that color codes items based on health benefits, nutritional content, and price discounts. The white price tags white are for regular grocery items. The green tags symbolize healthy food items or products. The yellow tags are for promotional purposes. and finally, the orange tag is for Robinsons Supermarket “SuperSaver” items.

Were you able to catch Robinsons Wellness Festival? Don't worry, there will be another at Robinsons Ermita this coming July 18 - July 20 and at Robinsons Imus from July 25 – July 27.


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