My 1st Bento Box From Electrolux Delightful-E Yummy Kitchen Class

What a lovely kitchen! Elegant and powerful kitchen tools and appliances. Finally, I was able to visit the Electrolux Main Office in BGC last week. I got two invitations few months ago but due to personal reasons and the recent surgery, I missed both events.

I love Electrolux, I haven't shared on this blog our new refrigerator Electrolux, the same color on their kitchen set. Mine is two-door, fully automatic, no frost and of course, no more hassle! I'm happy with our purchase! We bought it at nearby SM appliance store in SM North EDSA sometime last year. I hope I would find time to write about it soon.

Electrolux Delightful-E Yummy Kitchen Class

I'm here for the Electrolux Kitchen Class for the Delightful-E Yummy campaign. I immediately noticed the pretty kitchen set-up. I hope the husband is reading this post. Lol! 

Back to Kitchen Class, too bad I missed Chef Rosebud's cooking demo but I was able to catch two more presentations from Ms. Janice and Ms. Lourdes. I'll tell you more about it later. 

Electrolux Delightful-E Yummy Kitchen Class

Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo shared healthy alternatives like fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies that's best for us and the kid’s day at school or at home. These smoothies will keep them energized and alert for a productive day in school. 

Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo

Mommy Mundo makes healthy and delicious smoothies
Some kids and adults are hard to feed. They are choosy and prefers sweets over fruits and vegetables. I heard from moms how they added vegetables to their kid's meal. Training our kids, introducing healthy smoothies at an early age could be an option. Introduce one to two mixed fruits at a time.

The Clean and Green Smoothie

Using Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender, preparing smoothies is made even more memorable while you catch up with your loved ones in the kitchen. 

Janice called her smoothie Clean and Green Smoothie using Romaine lettuce, spinach, pechay, cabbage, strawberries, cucumber, kiwi, lacatan banana, mango (optional) and 1 1/2 cup of coco water. 

They taste good specially when chilled. I'll be trying this recipe at home. Jonel will surely like it. He loves carrot juice sometimes he would order carrot and apple smoothie. 

Have you tried making Bento boxes? I've seen a lot on social networking sites especially on IG. It looks fun but difficult to make. Well, I haven't tried until I attended the Electrolux Kitchen Class last Saturday. Lourdes Labii of Nanay Lunches with Love is known for her cute and pretty bento boxes she made for her children. Lourdes shared that adding cute characters and fun shapes to their baon will definitely excite the kids and even encourage them to prepare their bento box meal with you.

Lourdes Labii of Nanay Lunches with Love

Let's see if I can make one! Delightful-E Yummy Kitchen Class prepared simple and easy to find materials for making bento box. Lourdes distributed pandesal, yummy left over adobo flakes, mixed fruits, cheese, nori, a container with food separator for the mixed fruits and the sandwich.

Learned Bento Box from Electrolux Delightful-E Yummy Kitchen Class

We're making a bear bento. First, sliced the bread into two, put generous adobo flakes and cheese then place the other half of pandesal. Get the cheese and make eyes (save the other half) and cut nori to create iris. The remaining half is for making the nose and mouth. Using a straw, make three (3) holes on both sides of the cheek. Using nori, cut another round shape and make it the bear's nose. Using a toothpick, gently slice the cheese to create a smily. What do you think of my first ever Bento box!?

My 1st Bento Box at Electrolux Delightful-E Yummy Kitchen Class
The food separator is for the mixed fruits so it won't mix with the sandwich. You can add as many fruits as you want but make sure it's not too crowded, still cute and presentable that kids would love to eat. 

My 1st Bento Box at Electrolux Delightful-E Yummy Kitchen Class

Next month, husband will be back to college, not as a student but as a professor. I am thinking of making bento boxes instead of the regular, boring lunch box. By the way, I dedicated my first bento box to him. Look what I saw the next morning... <3

Photo taken from @JonelUy on IG

Thanks Electrolux, Lourdes and Janice for that inspiring recipes and kitchen ideas! 

To know more about Delightful-E Yummy campaign, visit or follow @ElectroluxPH on Twitter and Instagram.

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