Visiting Jennylyn Mercado on 'Sarap With Family' Set

I love watching cooking shows! I get inspiration on their kitchen set-up and the kitchen tools they use. I always look forward to how the host/chef presents the food. But most of all I wanted to learn easy-to-prepare, affordable and delicious meals. As of this writing, I'm inside a Starbucks coffee house in front of SM Supermarket. Later, I might drop by the supermarket and get supplies. Now, I'm thinking what should I purchase, what will be the menu for the coming week? 

About two weeks ago, we visited the set of GMA Network's 'Sarap with Family'. The cooking show is hosted by pretty Ms. Jennylyn Mercado. It features delicious, quick and easy recipes using CDO Ulam Burger and other CDO products. 

One of my favorite episodes was the Ulam Burger with Laing. I haven't tried or copied the recipe yet hopefully soon. 

It was fun watching her live preparing and cooking delightful meals. Despite her busy schedule she still managed to go to the kitchen and prepare healthy and delicious meal for her son. Jennylyn said she loves to cook, she also wants to open a restaurant in the future. Aside from cooking she enjoys baking.

Sarap with Family has taught me how to prepare classic favorites such as Kare-Kare, Caldereta, Mechado, Sizzling, Pochero using CDO Ulam Burger. Jennylyn features new and unique recipes like Pork Asado Cuapao using CDO Young Pork Tocino and the latest recipe Sweet and Spicy CDO Idol Cheesedog Go Balls on a stick.

The most exciting part of the tour was the food tasting. Jennylyn personally prepared and cooked four delicious dishes.

Gising Gising with CDO Seaquest Tuna

tasty, saucy Pork Caldereta using CDO liver spread

Menudo using CDO Ulam Burger All-purpose beef mix

Eggplant Frittata 

I love all the dishes Jennylyn made for us especially the spicy Gising Gising and Calderera. I find the menudo quite unique and even more tastier because of the CDO Ulam Burger all purpose beef mix. A healthier dish cooked with onions, bell pepper, tomatoes is the eggplant frittata.  These are great to serve at home, easy to prepare if you have sudden visitors or even as packed lunch 'baon' for the kids and husbands. You will find out more of these recipes at the Second Season of Sarap with Family this July.

Just before we left, CDO gave us CDO meat and canned products to try at home. To my excitement, that evening our dinner was served using one of the CDO products. Guess what? Recipe soon on my blog, 

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