Janitor: Dennis Trillo Plays A Modern-Day Assassin

It was in fiction, television drama series entitled Mulawin that I started watching Dennis Trillo then most recent, My Husband's Lover which received positive reviews and comments. I think he's charming and approachable. It was LivingMarjorney's first time to meet Dennis personally, my judgement was right, he's very accommodating and low-profile.

Dennis Trillo for the movie Janitor
Yours truly with Dennis Trillo

Action film  Cinemalaya 2014 entry, 'Janitor' led by actor Dennis Trillo playing the role of a modern-day assassin. 

Dennis Trillo for the movie Janitor
Dennis Trillo for the movie Janitor

He arrived in his simple black shirt and jeans which I think matched his character in the movie.

Movie Brief: 

On May 16, 2008, the whole country was shocked upon learning the news about the massacre of the bank employees of the RCBC Cabuyao branch, what was eventually called “the Philippine's bloodiest bank robbery.” The perpetrators behind the incident were able to escape with an estimated P9 to P15 million in cash, and killed ten bank employees in the process. All were methodically shot in the head. The film 'The Janitor' is inspired by this very story. It follows Crisanto Espina, an ex-cop, as he carries out his orders to pursue the criminals involved in the robbery/massacre. But as he obediently hunts down each suspect while dealing with his own personal demons, he begins to realize that he is being consumed by the whole circus of the investigation and begins to question the brand of justice he once revered.

Director Mike Tuviera and Dennis Trillo
Director Mike Tuviera and Dennis Trillo

Bloggers Conference:

As part of preparation, Dennis and Director Mike Tuviera had to talk with real life vigilantes. Dennis watched how the vigilantes speak. He admitted he was a little nervous during the encounter. 

Three weeks before the action fights, the cast were practicing to create a perfect fight scenes. Dennis was also physically prepared before they started shooting. With his mixed Martial Arts skills it was easy for him to play the character and do fight scenes. In addition, he frequents the gym and follow proper diet to maintain physically fit. Direk Mike said "one of the challenge is to create an emotional fight scene" and they were happy it was delivered very well.  

Hubby poses with Dennis Trillo

Dennis is hopeful that moviegoers will like the film. After watching the trailer and hearing the gist of the story, I am anticipating a meaningful action-packed story from APT Entertainment. 

Dennis Trillo is supported by the whole cast including Derek Ramsay, Raymond Bagatsing, Alex Medina, Jerald Napoles, Nicco Manalo, Sunshine Garcia, Ricky Davao, Irma Adlawan, LJ Reyes and Richard Gomez.

For more information, yo may follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thejanitor2014

Director Mike Tuviera added the moral of the story Janitor "In a complicated world, there is no good or bad guy". After watching the movie, he wanted the audience to have a realization and even asked themselves "where do you stand?"

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