Showcase Mindanao To The World Business Community

The recently held and first ever International Business Summit On Mindanao was a great success. Local and international investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and other organizations came to support the objective towards reducing poverty.

Breathtaking White Island, Camiguin

In line with the vision "RESTORE THE LOST GLORY OF MINDANAO", the summit aims to showcase Mindanao to the world business community and to encourage global investors as well as businessmen to personally interact with local community leaders and entrepreneurs.

Beautiful sunset in Sunken Cemetery
Dramatic sunset in Camiguin

Mindanao, with its rich mineral resources, ecological value, human talents and skills, and economic potentials was, in the past, regarded as one of the richest regions not only in the Philippines, but in the whole world. But events changed the prosperity once enjoyed by Mindanao and its people.  Diversities led to divisions and the unity of the people of Mindanao in the past was disrupted by selfish motives.  Business was corrupted by the desire to make profits in dishonorable ways and means. The rich became richer and the poor became poorer.

Bahay Bakasyunan in Camiguin

Just before the summit, we were able to interview Unity For Revival Foundation (URF) Chairman Shariff Ibrahim Albani. He was confident that, with the active and productive participation of various sectors in the summit, the objective to make Mindanao Progressive and United once again will be achieved.

Katibawasan Falls

During the summit, participants shared and gained ideas relative to the achievement of inclusive growth and development vis-à-vis social enterprise development.

Katibawasan Falls

We can also help Mindanao in many ways. Let's talk about the skillful and talented people in Mindanao. Their rich culture, mineral resources and tourism. For a start, we can invite our friends and family to visit Mindanao. As a blogger, let's write about our positive experience when traveling to the province.

Photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Camera

With Chairman Shariff Ibrahim Albani and my husband Jonel 
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