Recent Favorites: Gear4 Espresso Speaker and Yeh! Energy Pack

Happy weekend, everyone! Enough for food and beauty-related posts, let me share recent favorite devices.

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I've been wanting to share how pretty, powerful, handy and reliable this power bank husband and I have been using a couple of months now. If you're a frequent visitor here, you might have read previous gadget reviews including power banks. Read gadget reviews here.

Yeh! Energy pack

Yeh! Energy pack is our new power bank! Believe me when I tell you that it's an amazing product. We tested the device for few months and have no complaints about it. Though it may look bulky (250 grams weight), the power capacity is 8,800 mAh. I love the rubberized feel, it won't slip from your hands. It's easy to use. Its has patented smart power detection, simply shake shake the power bank unit and check the remaining battery life. It has (MCU) Intelligent Micro Chip Controller achieves greater power conversion efficiency and extends battery standby time.

Yeh! Energy Pack Review

Ye Energy Pack Specifications: 
Battery Cell:                 Lithium-ion
Power Capacity:           8,800 mAh
Input:                           Micro USB
Charge Time:               6 hour
Standby Time:             Up to 6 months
Talk Time:                   Up to 23 hours on 3G, up to 55 hours on 2G
Dimension:                   74 x 111 x 22.5 mm
Weight:                        250 grams

Based on experience, a full energy pack Yeh! can charge four cycles or four smartphones. Our mobile WiFi easily ran out of juice, thank goodness for the Yeh! power bank. It is also compatible with iPad/Tablet, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Music Device and Game Console. 

Yeh! Energy Pack Review

Yeh! Energy Pack comes with a micro USB cable and a protective case. It's available in different colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink. Retails at P 2, 150 for 8800 mAh.

Yeh! Energy Pack Review

Yeh! Energy Pack Review

Yeh! Energy Pack Review

Yeh! Energy Pack Review

Gear4 Wireless Bluetooth Digital Walker Espresso Speaker

Inside this small box is a cute yellow espresso cup which I thought was just a key chain or bag accessory. It's the Gear4 Wireless Bluetooth Digital Walker Espresso Speaker.

Espresso Speaker

Coffee, anyone? 

Espresso Speaker

Set your favorite tunes using this pretty, stylish and cute portable speaker from Gear4. It is designed to look like a coffee mug, small yet powerful and delivers great sound.

Espresso Speaker

The box contains a charging cable and quick start up guide.  

Espresso Speaker

Pairing to the Espresso Speaker is simple and easy. Just short press to turn on speaker and it will automatically enter pairing mode. Bluetooth indicator LED will flash blue. Take note that you need to disconnect the device before connecting to another Bluetooth device. 

Espresso Speaker

Gear4 Espresso Speaker has four (4) hour rechargeable battery and a USB micro charging cable. 

It's so handy, with the GriffClip you can keep it hanging on your bag or anything else, bring and play your music anytime, anywhere. Retails at P1,350. 

8-Gear4 Espresso Speaker

Next time you'll be stuck in traffic, relax and share great music with the Gear4 Espresso Wireless Bluetooth Speaker just be sure to have extra power from the Yeh! External Battery Pack.

Gear4 Espresso Speaker & Yeh! Energy Pack are available in selected stores such as Astroplus/Astrovision, Digital Walker, iStudio and iStore or visit Digital Trading on Facebook for more information.

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