Red Ribbon Rocky Road Cake Is Back!

I have a lot of food reviews on this blog because I love food and dessert will always be a favorite part of the meal. This year, I would like to greet one of our favorite dessert shop as they celebrate years of making our days sweeter. Happy 35th year Anniversary Red Ribbon!

Red Ribbon Rocky Road Cake

As part of the celebration although for a limited time only, Red Ribbon will bring back some of our classic favorites such as this indulgent Rocky Road cake

Red Ribbon Rocky Road Cake

Red Ribbon Rocky Road cake (Php 550) is made of layers of rich chocolate cake and cream with cashew nuts, fluffy marshmallows and mini-chocolate chips. Truly irresistible topped with cream, more chocolate with choco chips, white mallows and drizzled with chocolate. 

Red Ribbon Rocky Road Cake

This Rocky Road Cake is truly indulgent and satisfying so go ahead take a slice and share the happiness with your loved ones. 

Don't forget to drop by Red Ribbon on Twitter: @IWantRedRibbon, IG: @RedRibbonBakeShop "Happy 35th Anniversary!"

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