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School year started early in June, the college where my husband teaches started in August. Whether June or August, parents and kids are all excited going back to school, learning and meeting new friends.

About a month ago, I got the opportunity to attend Electrolux kitchen classes held at the Electrolux main office in BGC. It was an amazing event, we learned preparing healthy and delightful meals from smoothies courtesy of Mommy Mundo, Janice Villanueva; a cooking demo presented by Chef Rosebud Benitez and one of the most exciting part is preparing bento boxes shared to us by Lourdes Labii.

After a series of Delightful-E Yummy Kitchen Class, Electrolux is coming back recently launched the Delightful-E Simple To Share campaign in partnership with Gawad Kalinga's Trese. It's a call to donate pre-loved clothes that unusable which will be made into pretty quilts for orphaned babies.

It was a fine lunch time event set in the cozy restaurant on top of W Building, Le Jardin. Guests were treated with healthy and scrumptious meal. There was a pledge wall where we posted a signed piece of cloth showing support to this advocacy. Capping the event was a simple game of four groups with the brand ambassadors as group leaders. Our team headed by Chef Bruce Lim won the Question and Answer about Electrolux appliances.

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Delightful-E Simple To Share campaign

In the past, Electrolux has collected, washed, sorted and donated thousands of kilos of pre-loved clothes and were distributed to disaster-stricken families. This year, they are calling us to support again this advocacy.

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Electrolux Brand Ambassadors Chef Bruce Lim, Janice Villanueva, Chesca Kramer and Chef Rosebud Benitez with host Delamar

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Electrolux Delightful-E Simple To Share

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"But when you give to someone in need, don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing." Matthew 6:3
this verse, I always keep in mind... but let me just tell you how it feels when you were able to help someone. I was able to donate some pretty nice and clean clothes to the victims of the recent typhoon. I do that not only to feel great but to become blessings to others. Let's support such advocacy, the more the merrier!

Join the Electrolux Delightful-E Simple To Share campaign, drop your pre-loved clothes at participating sites and Electrolux will make them into beautiful quilts for orphaned. Electrolux will also run an IG contest for you to win prizes. Donor organizations get brand new small appliances for their pantry, too!

Share a special piece of clothing that's close to your heart and join the Delightful-E Simple to Share IG Photo Contest for a chance to win one of four twin tub washing machines and laundry detergent gift packs. Follow Electrolux on IG now. The contest will run until Sept 30, 2014.

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Find out how, simply follow Electrolux on IG @ElectroluxPH

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