A Krazy Birthday Celebration

My siblings and I were very close even after my parents separated. We always wanted to stay together. The first few years, brother J and I stayed with my dad while younger sister was brought to granny, she was 7 years old then.  We're not that far from each other since the house we're living was just in the same compound. Years have passed, mom got a house in San Mateo were all of us moved. I just graduated in college and started working in a military hospital. Younger sister was in college while brother decided to quit school and take care of the house. Many years passed and a lot has changed but not our camaraderie and closeness.

Sister and I love to hangout, shopping with her two kids Bianca and Eukie. Every week, my brother J visits me at my house in QC. It's just too hard to call for a family lunch or dinner. J has a full-time job of 12 hours a day so most of the time he can't attend to our family affairs.

Krazy Garlik Greenbelt 5

One day, we decided to go out for late lunch! It was my nephew's birthday, Kikitz when we visited Krazy Garlik in Greenbelt 5 few months ago. I'm glad everyone made it except for mom (who's in Bulacan) and Tina's husband, Eugene who needs to go to work. 

The kids were excited - Bianca, Eukie, Kikits and MarJohn. We chose Krazy Garlik, known for its spicy and delicious dishes but it wasn't a big deal with the kids. I just told the server to make our food less or not spicy at all. It's the hubby's job to choose the right dishes and the serving size. I'm in charge of the drinks and dessert, lol! That afternoon, we had pasta, chicken, beef and pizza.

Seafood Spaghetti

40 Cloves Garlik Chicken has been my favorite since last year. In fact, it was our New Year's media noche. I'm thinking if I will serve it again this coming 2015 New Year's eve. The garlic cream sauce is just fantastic. 

Korean Style Garlik Sesame Beef
Marinated tender beef strips in spicy-soy chili sauce with flavourful garlic and sesame seeds. I told the server to make it less spicy for the kids.

BBQ Garlik Chicken Pizza was the crowd's favorite. It has chicken fillet, Mozzarella, Asiago Cheese, onions, peppers. The cilantro and the garlic flakes smells good. The hickory sauce added more flavor. 

We also had Chinese Style Fried Rice.

Time flies so fast! We're just playing hide-and-seek, platu-platuhan and patintero when we were small. I just hope the next generation will appreciate the old school games that we used to play.

May our families filled with love, patience and respect so that the kids won't have to experience what we've gone through.

Happy Birthday Kitz! Indeed, it was a Krazy afternoon! I love watching them enjoying and sharing a glass of ice cream to one another. Until next food adventure!

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