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From my memory of grandma springs mix emotions, stories and great memories. Lola was one of the main characters in my childhood and adolescence. She was my buddy when I was small and later on became one of the most faithful, patient and confidante. She never failed to listen to all my wonderful stories, flaws and frailty. She was there during those times when disappointments and difficulties in life almost drown me.

“Spend time with your elders… While we’re busy growing up, they are growing old.”

Grandma raised six beautiful children when grandpa died early in 1978. She worked hard in order to provide their needs and send them to school. When my parents separated, my two siblings and I were added to her big household. She cared, fed and we stayed in her house for many years. We also receive money from her. Financially, I know it's not easy but she poured her love and accepted us. She was indeed an amazing women, she's our superhero and everyone was looking forward to her coming home every day.

She worked in a government hospital and proved herself that she can handle higher positions. For me, she's a terrific example of all the women in the office - strong, gorgeous at her age, always presentable, compassionate and gentle. She has a big heart and always thinks of other people. Some of them call her "mommy", others "tita Violy".

Grandma also gave me the most valuable lessons about education. Her own life story was so touching and inspiring that would inflame my imagination. I think she was in her 40's or 50's when she finished her Masters Degree in Administration. You wouldn't believe how she was able to manage her time reporting to work in Fort Bonifacio and going home in Bulacan everyday. She had all the energy and still, can go to SM North EDSA to spend "me time" shopping or simply having her favorite dish in not so fancy restaurants after office hours.

In 2007, six months after her retirement, we were surprised when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a big shock to all of us. Granny wanted to live longer so she fight and had a good fight. The remaining one year was more of a physical struggle, moaning from pain. I witnessed how the big C destroyed her beauty outside, sucked her strength up to her last breath. We tried everything, from chemotherapy and radiation but we were not successful. We would still like to think, the medical procedures prolonged her life.

Her final days she would spend time talking to the children and grandchildren. Reminding them to love and care for one another. Parents to take care of their children, children to respect their parents. Sometimes begging God in prayers to give her more time to spend with us.

Grandma Nina or Violeta left us in February of 2008. I smiled each morning as I remember her. And even though she will never come home, her memories will forever stay in us.. her home in our hearts.

Happy grandparents' day lola! We terribly missed you! 


Grandparents. They’re the quiet yet amused voice that says yes when our parents say no. They never forget a birthday, even if sometimes, they forget how to spell your name. And for some unfathomable reason, the meals they cook are always the best. Win or lose, they always have a warm smile and comforting hug waiting just for us. Their presence keeps us grounded, because they represent our roots. They remind us of home. 

Grandparents have a special place in everyone’s hearts that a day was declared just for them! Today, September 7, make your grandparents feel loved, the way they have done for you all life.

SM Supermalls believes in the value of family, join us as they have lined up special treats and activities that you and your grandparents can enjoy, in honor of their special day. 


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