Physiogel: Free In My Skin Campaign

To be free starts with loving oneself, prioritizing health and wellness by nourishing our body, mind and spirit. Beauty should come from inside and out. A modern woman is confident and knows how to gracefully carry herself.

I missed the recent event for the women, "Free in my Skin" movement. GSK launched this movement to empower every Filipina to fully participate in life with Physiogel®

The Free In My Skin Movement empowers every Filipina to be free from dry, sensitive skin and to confidently face life and achieve their love and aspirations.

Patti Grandidge
Leading the  The Free In My Skin Movement is model, TV host and entrepreneur Patti Grandidge, who used to be like one of every two Filipinas who suffered from dry and sensitive skin.
She said “We used to travel a lot when I was younger and getting exposed to different climates took a toll on my skin, making it sensitive, itchy, red and dry. This made me quite insecure, and in the business I am in, it is always about first impressions,”
Patti overcome her insecurities, starting with her skin.
“Unlike ordinary moisturizers I used before, Physiogel® made my skin less sensitive and dry. My skin became so much softer, smoother and definitely healthier.”

Having a dry and sensitive skin herself, Patti understands how insecurities can be restraining so she wants every Filipina to be free from dry, sensitive skin and to confidently reveal their true selves. Just like she did.
“It’s amazing how one simple change in my skincare has renewed my confidence,” she enthused. “One of the best feelings is when you feel confident, and have control of your life, like I can do anything! And with Physiogel®, I am Free In My skin to do just about anything.”

With Physiogel®, Patti was able to free herself from skin worries such as dryness and irritation, so she can fulfill the demands of her multi-hyphenated career of being a TV host, model, entrepreneur and loving wife all with equal zest and success.

My Story: 

Just like Patti, I freed myself of insecurities and learned to love myself. Loving yourself is the best way to enjoy and get the best of this life. 

I've been using Physiogel Cream for several months now blending with my favorite BB Cream from The Face Shop, a gift from hubby when he visited Korea about three years ago. From Physiogel Makeup Trends event, we learned how to blend BB cream or liquid foundation with Physiogel for a pretty glowing face. Physiogel Cleanser has been my favorite makeup remover. It easily take off hard-to-remove makeup like mascara.

Physiogel® is the only skincare product that has the patented advanced Physiogel BioMimic Technology® that works naturally with your skin to make it less sensitive and dry. For more information, visit

Join the #FreeInMySkin Movement now!

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