Review: The Cream Factory Bath Cream

You know me, I love dessert! It's always been a favorite part of the meal. But did you know that even our skin can indulge in a delicious and aromatic dessert? 

#Saforelle & #Cream Factory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution
The Cream Factory Bath Cream
For me, taking a bath is like going to the spa. My day starts with a good bath using my favorite cream soap, shampoo, hair conditioner and of course a good and mild feminine wash. Although I have my favorite line of bath essentials, discovering new ones delights me. About a week ago, I just found a pretty nice bath and body care that cares for our different skin types, the Cream Factory. They are called #DessertForTheSkinDelish and deliciously smells good! I think they are one of the best products especially this rainy season because it's creamy and moisturizing. 
Netherlands Real Goat's Milk
Netherlands Real Goat's Milk
#TheCreamFactory makers of #DessertForTheSkin originated from the US and was launched here in the Philippines sometime last year. Their products are carefully blended with the best stuff, real Netherlands Goat's milk as the main ingredients added with 100% active botanical  to create a lavish, moisturizing bath cream and scrubs.

#Saforelle & #Cream Factory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution

THE CREAM FACTORY Bath Cream  has everything you need for your skin - detoxifying, soothing, clarifying, age-defying, rejuvenating.           

Small bottle is available at P299.
A trio pack is available at Rustans Fresh and The Beauty Bar at P799. It comes in three sets:

Set 1: Avocado, Honey, Yogurt
Set 2: Cinammon, Acai Berry, Jojoba
Set 3: Seaweed, Almond, Witch Hazel

#TheCreamFactory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution
  •           Detoxifying Soap - Goat’s Milk & Almond 
  •           Clarifying Soap - Goat’s Milk & Jojoba 
  •           Soothing Soap - Goat’s Milk & Yogurt  
  •           Revitalizing Soap - Goat’s Milk & Seaweed 
  •           Purifying Soap - Goat’s Milk & Cinnamon 
  •           Radiating Soap - Goat’s Milk & Avocado
  •           Age-Defying Soap - Goat’s Milk & Acai Berry 
  •           Rejuvenating Soap - Goat’s Milk & Witch Hazel 
  •           Germ Killing Soap - Goat’s Milk & Honey 
  •           Relaxing Soap Goat's - Milk & Chamomile
  •           Brightening Soap - Goat's Milk & Mulberry
  •           Calming Soap - Goat's Milk & Lavender

From 12 variants, I picked up Witch Hazel with Rejuvenating ingredient.

#Saforelle & #Cream Factory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution

I was super excited to share the review but I kept to myself and tested it for more than a week. Here's the verdict.

I've been using a popular cream bath soap although there were days when temperature is high, I think I should switch to something lighter yet still provides proper skin nourishing. I found it in a bottle of Goat Milk & Witch Hazel, a cream soap to pamper my skin. The Witch Hazel hydrates my skin. It's also a herbal remedy for anti-itch and works on cleansing our skin.

After bath, the lightly sweet scent lasts several hours. I like the clean and smooth feeling it leaves on my skin. It's foamy so I don't have to add or consume more. This cream bath with goat's milk and Witch Hazel nourishes and even protects my skin from drying. Every morning, I look forward to rewarding my skin to a lavish dessert.

The Cream Factory goat's milk bath are only available in creamy liquid form which I find more hygienic than bar soaps. You can even share it to your loved ones at home or give your best-friend some dessert to try for her skin without worrying about the hassles of sharing personal items.

The Cream Factory Scrub-in-a-tub

#Saforelle & #Cream Factory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution
Cream Factory Scrub-in-a-tub
Aside from extraordinary range of goat's milk liquid bath soaps, The Cream Factory has pretty line of body scrubs called Scrub-in-a-tub! From the three variants, Salty, Creamy and Yummy, I chose Salty Salt Crystals (P599) which is recommended for people who wants heavy scrubbing like me. Perhaps, it's okay to do vigorous scrubbing since I'm also using The Cream Factory Goat's Milk cream bath. Otherwise, you can choose the Creamy (P599) and/or Yummy (P699) variants

#Saforelle & #Cream Factory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution

Salty Salt Crystals (P599)

#Saforelle & #Cream Factory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution
Cream Factory Scrub-in-a-tub
Get a scoop or a pinch of salty salt crystal from the huge jar then gently apply and scrub on your skin. 

#Saforelle & #Cream Factory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution

I noticed that it's easy to spread, no need to add more. Spread and scrub as you desire. Scrub and remove those dead skin and grime. Rinse off with water or take a shower using the Cream Factory bath cream. 

#Saforelle & #Cream Factory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution

Instantly radiant and smooth skin in a few minutes. I felt so clean after bath. Scrub-in-a-tub has scents so inviting, you would love to scrub everyday.

#Saforelle & #Cream Factory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution

#Saforelle & #Cream Factory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution
 paraben-free, mineral oils and no toxic petrochemicals.
Scrub-in-a-tub Creamy provides a nutty treat with walnut sprinkles to remove those unwanted impurities. While the Scrub-in-a-tub YUMMY has cocoa beans to awaken your dull skin. The three variants has 100% Active Botanical extracts that cares and nourishes our skin. It's safe because it has paraben-free, mineral oils and no toxic petrochemicals.

#TheCreamFactory #DessertForTheSkin #BathRevolution
Review of The Cream Factory
I just gave in! It's your turn, join the #bathrevolution! Time to treat our skin with these healthy #DessertForTheSkin. They are available at SM supermarkets and department stores, Rustan's, Watson's, Beauty Bar, Robinson's Galleria, Landmark Department Store and SM Hypermarkets

Update March 2016: They are available at the Real Deal Office in Pasig.

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