Power Breakfast

Last September 9, hubby's food blog NomNomClub turns five years old. Just like any other anniversaries, we, bloggers consider our blog anniversary special. That morning, I decided to prepare a special breakfast for him.

Actually, there were two sets of breakfast with our favorite food and hot drinks. Hubby usually consume a glass of hot/warm water every morning. Then we'll have a cup of Nice Day coffee alternating with another favorite, Starbucks Via.

Nice Day Coffee has several variants - Cleanse 10-in-1, Slim, White 5-in-1 with Glutathione and Collagen. There were days, I go for the cleanse especially when I felt bloated after eating a lot. I find the White 5-in-1 interesting, with collagen, it helps in decreasing join pains.

I knew it would be a busy day so I cooked carbo-loaded meal. At the kitchen, I found a huge can of Highlands Corned Beef. It's special because it's not just an ordinary corned beef, it's an Angus beef. Sauteed in a little oil and onions, served with two Bounty Fresh sunny side up eggs bought in Rustan's supermarket. I love the corned beef, it's tender and juicy.

The other set of breakfast meal comprises of his favorite pancakes. I usually buy Maya Pancakes, this time I tried Magnolia pancakes and added a teaspoon of Hazelnut Chocolate Valor.

I'm happy he loves the power breakfast served that lovely morning. To my dear hubby, happy anniversary to your NomNomClub. Cheers!


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