Corn Rice: A Healthy Substitute to Regular Rice

Corn is one of the favorite food of my husband. I'm glad the price in most wet markets remains stable. When I visited Nueva Vizcaya and Isabela back in 2001, I had the chance to visit huge corn plantations in the province. It was then our staple food in the province, from breakfast to snack. Another fond memory I have was the corn recipe step-mom cooked for us. She said it was a Kapampangan dish, I just can't remember the name but it was prepared very simple - sauteed in pork, garlic and onion.

Although the Philippines is known as a huge market for rice, there are provinces like Mindanao and Visayas that consider corn as food staple. Would you substitute corn to regular rice?

In 2010, state-of-the-art corn-drying facilities were set up by a subsidiary of the La Filipina Uy Gongco Corporation in Isabela to provide farmers in the nearby areas with the ability to dry their corn safely. Because of the air-drying process of the facilities, moisture levels are kept low; thus, rendering the corn aflatoxin safe. The presence of these corn-drying facilities also helped stabilize supply and, consequently, prices. These helped farmers to maximize their revenue.

How To Cook RiCo Corn Rice: 

Step 1. BOIL the suggested amount of water. Based on the amount of RiCo you wish to cook. You can use a rice cooker or caldero.
Step 2. POUR the desired amount of RiCo. You don't need to wash. 
Step 3. SIMMER for about 10-15 minutes until you achieve the preferred corn rice stickiness and moistness.

Suggested ration of RiCO to water using a reglar rice cooker cup:
RiCo   Cups of Water
1          1 1/4
2          2 1/3
3          3 1/4
4          4 1/2
5          5 1/4
   6           6       

With the availability of safely dried corn, Philippines Leading Infinite Logistics, Inc. or PLILI, one of the companies under the umbrella of the La Filipina Uy Gongco Corporation, came up with rice-shaped corn. This product called RiCo has the healthy benefits of corn with the shape and delicious taste of rice.

Moreover, RiCo is made from 100% Philippine-grown corn. It has no cholesterol and has low glycemic index or GI, which is a measurement of how fast blood-sugar or glucose is absorbed in the bloodstream. Low GI means slow and steady glucose absorption that is ideal for diabetics, athletes and those who wants to eat healthily. It is rich in Calcium, Vitamins and Iron.

In an intimate luncheon event held at the chic Chef Jessie's restaurant, for the first time I got to try RiCo Corn Rice prepared by Chef Jessie Sincioco herself. We started with Ciabata bread rolls, butter served with special dip. 

Minestrone with corn rice
Minestrone with corn rice
Mesclun Greens Salad in Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing with RiCo Corn Rice Pops
Mesclun Greens Salad in Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing with RiCo Corn Rice Pops
The Mesclun green salad was the best. I love the vinaigrette dressing and the RiCo Corn rice pops crunchy outside.

Fried CodFish Fillet with Pommery Mustard sauce served with Corn Rice Pilaf and Sauteed French Beans
Fried CodFish Fillet with Pommery Mustard sauce served with Corn Rice Pilaf and Sauteed French Beans
Corn Rice Crocant Roll
Corn Rice Crocant Roll
As expected, Chef Jessie made a unique and delightful dessert presented in a plate designed with corn leaves. The Corn Rice Crocant Roll was soft, light and not too sweet. It reminds me of sansrival. 

Indeed, it was an afternoon of healthy, yummy treat courtesy of RiCo Corn Rice and Chef Jessie Restaurant. I was inspired to make my own RiCo dish. Terriyaki Chicken with steamed Corn Rice and raisins served with zucchini, spinach and carrots, perhaps. I'm also planning to make arroz caldo using corn rice. Watch out for the recipe soon at so keep coming back.  


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