Figaro Praline Frost And Latte, Speculoos Frost And Latte

Figaro: Praline Frost/Latte, Speculoos Frost/Latte

Christmas is almost here so here's something to warm you this cold holiday cheers. Figaro launched its Yuletide drinks and goodies - Speculoos and Praline available in hot and cold, the Frosts and Latte. Let's start with Praline Frosts. Compared to Speculoos, it's less sweet but creamy. As expected I liked the Speculoos Frost more because of its sweet aroma and flavor. 

Praline (left) Speculoos (Right) Frosts
Praline (left) Speculoos (Right) Frosts
Praline (left) Speculoos (Right) Lattes
Praline (left) Speculoos (Right) Lattes
Figaro Praline/Speculoos Frosts: P145
Figaro Praline/Speculoos Latte: P119

Hummingbird Cake
Hummingbird Cake
Lattes and Frosts will not be complete without a slice of moist cake. This season, Figaro's delicious cakes and pastries are Red Velvet Cake (P119/slice), Humming Bird Cake (P115/slice) and Prune Cake (P70/slice). I tried the two cakes, Humming Bird and Red Velvet and I like both of them. 


Pretty Christmas Sugar Cookies at P85 each. I think they were big compared to other Christmas cookies from other coffee shops.

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New Figaro Shangri La Plaza

Aside from Christmas beverages and goodies. Finally, I can smell the aroma of Figaro coffee in a new location inside Shangri La Plaza. From 2nd floor, Figaro is now brewing at the 5th level just in front of Cravings restaurant. Just like the old times, there's the same feel and relaxing atmosphere.


You can also feel the holiday cheers with their Christmas decors - a ginger bread house on the corner. 


more dining tables, Figaro merchandise are available.


For this season, I will go for Speculoos latte and humming bird cake. I have yet to try the Cranberry White Dream Bars and Seasoned Prune Cake though. How about you? What's your favorite Figaro Christmas food items?


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